18 May 2013

Fading Shadows by Susan C. Finelli

Posted by wiccawitch4 on 8:38:00 pm

Fading ShadowsFading Shadows by Susan C. Finelli
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

this book was confusing in parts there was so many characters and so many parts and it kept switching back and forth sometimes I didn't know who was who. The Story was a good one though and the parts very well thought out. the ending though I thought was a little abrupt, I thought it could have ended a whole lot better.

The story is mostly about the Crane family and it goes back and forth from the past to the present which made it all the more confusing at times. The Crane family are a big and powerful family and everyone wants a piece of them in some way, weather it be for politics, love, fame, or revenge and it gets them in a lot of messes not to mention killing a few.

Then there are several side characters who each fit into the Crane family like a puzzle piece in some way. They each have their own unique ways of getting what they want from the family or getting into the families good graces.

My favourite Character was Eric who was Sydney Crane's husband. He is the only person in the book I didn't find completely useless! I loved how he took care of Sydney and called her Cinderella and how no matter what he always put her first. He didn't complain about his life he didn't complain about his in-laws (although he should have!) and he was always there for Sydney when she needed him.

I gave this book only three stars because of the confusing nature of there being so many characters to keep track of and the bad ending but other then that it was a pretty good story. I don't usually read stories about stuff like this but I enjoyed it.

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"Warning Sexual Content"

Mourning the death of her grandfather, Nick Straga, and the loss of her love, Daniel Torrelle, Kay Straga buries her sadness deep within her guilt ridden, broken heart. Although Kay marries Jake Crane, her heart retains its love for Daniel. More than twenty years later, Kay's daughter, Sydney, becomes the target of an elaborate plan by Reid Jeffries to seek revenge on Kay for a sin long ago committed, but not forgotten. Daniel Torrelle returns to Kay to protect her and her family, only to destroy family harmony and unlock the secret of his and Kay's past. A secret, that once divulged, keeps her locked in its clutches, from which there is no escape


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