11 Mar 2012

WW4BB Presents: The Last Vampire Series by Christopher Pike

Posted by wiccawitch4 on 4:14:00 pm

Who doesn't love Christopher pike? his books are amazing! and his Last Vampire series is no exception. I first read the series when it first came out and I have read it a couple of times since then and it just gets better...lol...there are 4 books in the series and each and every one better then the next!

In "The Last Vampire" Sita is five thousand years old and believes she is the last vampire. When someone begins hunting her, she thinks it is the client of a detective she killed. She enrolls in high school and befriends the detective's son, and later falls in love with him.
Meanwhile, Sita's creator Yaksha has been following her, believing he must kill her to atone for his sins. Sita thought she had killed him years before.

In "Black Blood", Alisa's vampire blood has been used to create a brutal monster. Has she the power to stop him? Believing that she and her partner, Ray, are the last remaining vampires, five-thousand-year-old Alisa is stunned when she learns about a series of brutal murders in the United States that can only be the work of their own kind.

In "Red Dice", Alisa and her partner, Joel, are vampires. But Joel is also an FBI agent, and someone inside the government has discovered their secret. The government wants their blood, to study it, to duplicate it. They send a massive manhunt after Alisa and Joel. But using skills and abilities developed over 5,000 years, Alisa manages to elude the hunt. Unfortunately Joel is caught, and taken to a top-secret base in the Nevada desert. Now it is Alisa's task to free him before the scientists break the DNA code of their blood, and transform the whole world into vampires.

In "Phantom", After 5,000 years Alisa is no longer a vampire, but a frail and confused human. the dead alchemist's experiment had worked. After 5,000 years, Alisa is again mortal--and pregnant. The baby is growing in her at supernatural speed. But will Alisa's child be a demon or an angel? A stranger from the past knows. He knows everything that ever was. And he knows everything that is to be.

In "Evil Thirst", Alisa's daughter, Kalika, has transformed into a blood-thirsty monster with powers far beyond Alisa's. It is Alisa's task to track her down and destroy her, yet Alisa still has trouble believing her daughter is totally evil. She still hopes to save Kalika, even if it means risking her own life--and perhaps the lives of everyone in the world.

In "Creatures of Forever", Alisa has fought every battle, against evil, against hate, and even against death itself. Now she nears the end of her incredibly long life and another unexpected force emerges to destroy her, or perhaps save her. But this force is unlike anything she has experienced before.

In "Eternal Dawn", Alisa has spent the past five thousand years as a vampire, living alone and fighting for survival. In her loneliness, Alisa cannot resist bringing Teri — a descendant of her human family — into her life. But Alisa is surrounded by death and destruction, and just by knowing Alisa, Teri's life is at risk.

Alisa's guilt grows when she becomes involved in a dangerous conspiracy. A top-secret group knows Alisa's secret and will stop at nothing to use her powers for their cause. As Alisa desperately tries to protect herself and Teri from the unknown enemy, she discovers a force more powerful and more lethal than anything she has ever seen. Alisa doesn't know who to trust, who to challenge, or who she will become…


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