10 Mar 2014

WW4BB Presents: Happy Birthday To My 13 Year Old Son!

Posted by wiccawitch4 on 8:18:00 pm

Happy Birthday to my 13 Year Old Son Brennan Today!

My son Brennan is the most generous and beautiful soul I know. He always thinks of others before himself and is always the first the most polite boy. Today my boy is a young man and I want him to know how proud I am of all he has become.

My beautiful boy came into this world kicking and screaming only after about 6 hours of labour. He came at 11:30 at night and if he had of come just half an hour later would have been born on his uncle Perry's birthday. If he had of come a day before he would have come on his sisters birthday.

He was a very quite baby who only cried to be feed or was wet and loved nature and animals. He loved his grandma and grandpa and they visit often, he didn't like it when they left and would scream and scream when they left so grandma would have to put him to sleep before leaving or she would never get out of the house...lol.

His first Love was my best friends daughter Alesha and they were inseparable! they did everything together. They are still friends today although not as attached at the hip as they were then...lol...I hope this will be a friendship that lasts well into adulthood.

Brennan has always been a helper, he loves to help grandpa cut the lawn or pile the wood or whatever else needs to be done. He loves to help me in the garden or his dad in the garage. Being 13 now though his helping days are dwindling a bit with his teenage years ringing in his head...lol...but he racked up so many good points over the years I don't give him to much grief...lol

Brennan is our Native boy, our Pow Wow boy. He love the dancing and drumming, the campfires and nature.

You can often find Brennan in the forest learning all he can about Nature, or building inukshuks like the one above.

Like his sister Brennan can also often be found in the water! once in it is next to impossible to get him out! he is like a little fish in the water, swimming around looking for the rest of his fishy friends.

Brennan loves his family, video games and all things military. He can name any military weapon known to man, knows all games on the planet and loves his family with the biggest and brightest heart on the planet!

Brennan and his sister are 4 years and 1 day apart and because of that for many years they have shared there birthdays. They also share many of the same qualities and look a lot like. Happy Birthday you two! I love you both so much! I continue to be amazed every day as to what wonderful people you have grown up to be!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

You Were Third,

and your my charm.

My brave and stalwart soldier.

We love you Boo!


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