9 Mar 2014

WW4BB Presents: Happy Birthday To My 17 Year Old Daughter!

Posted by wiccawitch4 on 5:45:00 pm

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Oldest daughter June Today!

My Wonderful daughter was born 17 years ago today! and I couldn't be more proud! she is a beautiful person and a wonderful writer and artist. She is going to do great and amazing things in this world!

When she came screaming into this world after 27 hours of labour, we couldn't get enough of our beautiful new little bundle. (of course we should have known then we were in for the ride of our lives for our June doesn't do anything by any normal standards...lol)

As you can see by the devilish smile she was already cooking up schemes at this age to torture her parents...lol....there was exorcist type vomiting, binky battles and don't even get me started on her sleeping habits!(As in she didn't...lol...and still doesn't!)

June has often been called a cat, been seen with cats and has cat like behaviour...lol...she is our little diva and we love that about her! We know one day she will be the crazy cat lady with hundreds of cats!

June has always been beautiful right from the start, but we soon learned that her sassy, spunky, diva attitude didn't include being girly. It involved crawling in the grass acting like a cat, climbing trees ( where you would find her often) and writing stories or acting them out.

As she grew older she got into cosplay and her writing and drawing just got better and better. Water was also a big thing to June she loved the water! she spent the first year of her life in the tub every time she got the least bit dirty. she would spend all summer in the little pool in the yard. She still loves to swim and I have a hard time getting her out of the water once she goes in.

June got glasses and then graduated grade 8. She won the Alison Craig award for writing. We were so proud! and she was off to high school! eek!...lol...every parents worry about high school right? and when June decided to tell us she liked both boys and girls it was a double eek...lol...now we would have to worry about boyfriends and girlfriends!...lol...it hasn't been all bad though I still have my hair (at least some of it) and what I have is still somewhat my colour not all grey, which is promising considering I turned 34 this year...lol

Today June is 17 and 13 years ago I gave her a baby brother for her birthday. June and her brother Brennan are 4 years and 1 day apart. They share a lot of the same qualities and interests and look a lot a like. I hope that they will always have that closeness and know how much I have always loved them! 

Happy Birthday JuneBug!

you were the first,

and you will always be

the most special.

we love you babygirl!


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