11 Jun 2014

WW4BB Presents: A Review of Ursa Unearthed by J.L. Madore

Posted by Amanda Masters on 8:41:00 pm

Mika’s life has never been normal, but it’s hers.

After being told by the Great Spirit that her destiny is to stand up for the Earth Mother’s children and “save the great species from extinction,” she buries herself in an investigative journalism career hunting down poachers and exposing illegal trade in wildlife exotics. A survivor by nature, she would rather fight injustice than maneuver the hassles and heartache of relationships anyway.

When danger suddenly finds her unprepared, Mika’s perception of her life is shattered and she’s hurled into a realm of magic and murder she does not understand. Seduced by Bruin, the powerful and sexy warrior who saves her life, Mika is catapulted into a world where Were-creatures and Scourge assassins threaten not only her life but her heart as well.

With the boundary between worlds crumbling, Mika realizes that committing to save the great species will draw her deeper into a reality more terrifying to her than anything she’s faced before.

Trusting in love.

My Review

Ursa Unearthed by J.L. Madore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Incredible book! J.L. Madore couldn't have done a better job then what she did with this book! the characters are amazing! the story brilliant and I couldn't put the book down for a min. I was blown away but the powerful emotions in this, not only between Bruin and Mika but with the rest of the family as well, it seemed like everywhere you turned someone was in a uproar about something..lol

The Native elements in the story were awesome, being Native American myself I really connected to and appreciated these aspects of the story. I found it made the story very powerful and gave it a uniqueness that not a lot of others have.

I really enjoyed getting to know the characters from the first book more as well as meeting some new ones. we got to meet Kobi briefly in the first book and I liked getting to know more about him in this one as I find him a very interesting character and would love to know even more. Aust is another fav of my he constantly intrigues me and with each book he gets more and more intriguing...lol...he is definitely a most interesting character!

The villain Abbadan is defiantly freaky! as far as bad guys go I defiantly wouldn't want him after me. He is on bad mo fo. He is a worthy villain that's for sure and the heroes are up for the challenge of defeating him. He is a slippery bugger though and with the power of mind control is always got the upper hand.

This is a series that you will not want to miss! if you love shifter, elves, magic, different realms and bad ass warriors this is defiantly the series for you! don't forget to checkout book 1 Blaze Ignites!

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About the Author

September 2009 marked the beginning of my journey with writing paranormal/fantasy romance novels. After spending a year hiatus in Panama with my family, I returned to Ontario relaxed and ready to let stories flow from my mind onto the page. The only problem was—I didn’t know a thing about the craft of writing.

Almost four years later, after dozens of workshops, reading hundreds of books, joining a writing community and two critique groups, I've won two writing scholarships and believe I've got a handle on what I’m trying to say and the voice with which I want to say it.
Currently, I am working on the five book Scourge Survivor Series as well as a darker, erotic/romance paranormal series currently called Watchers of the Grey.

Website: www.jlmadore.ca
Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/JLMadore
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jlmadore
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17833323-blaze-ignites

See book 1 HERE


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