6 Jun 2014

WW4BB Presents: Free & Cheap Books!

Posted by Amanda Masters on 6:30:00 pm

IGNITE by Kaitlyn Davis
This riveting tale has over 230 
five-star reviews on Amazon! When 
Kira discovers her mystical powers, 
she must fight for her life and choose 
between sweet, goofy Luke and sexy, 
blood-hungry Tristan.
$0.99 Free!
Category: Paranormal Romance

by Jess Raven and
Paula Black
Mysterious Ash DeMorgan 
teams up with sexy assassin 
Connal Savage to fight evil forces. 
Dark, erotic, and steeped in Irish 
mythology, a wholly original work 
of nail-biting suspense and steamy fantasy.
$4.99 Free!
Category: Paranormal Romance

Elisabeth Naughton
From a New York Times 
bestselling author: Theron leads 
an elite force tasked with defending
 immortals from the Underworld. 
Fate brings him to beautiful Casey, 
a seemingly ordinary woman with an 
epic destiny. Can he carry out his duty,
 even if it means putting her in danger?
$4.99 Free!
Category: Paranormal Romance

by Karpov Kinrade
Despite her deadly powers,
 lovely witch Rose leads a quiet, 
sheltered life until she meets gorgeous
 Derek from a rival family. Will evil 
thwart the star-crossed lovers’ passion?
 A scintillating novel with over 150 five-star 
reviews on Amazon.
$0.99 Free!
Category: Paranormal Romance

by Anna Zaires
With nearly 270 five-star 
ratings on Goodreads! In a strange 
new colony, human Mia is completely 
at handsome Korum's mercy. She has
 no idea how to operate the most basic
 technology, and her only hope of ever
 returning home is to trust Korum — 
the lover she once betrayed.
$3.99 $0.99
Through Jun. 7th
Category: Paranormal Romance

by Angela Corbett
Evie Starling thinks she’s 
just a normal girl — until 
she moves to a new town 
and meets Alex Night and 
Emil Stone. Both claim she’s 
their soul mate, and soon Evie 
discovers secrets about her past 
and finds herself caught up in
 an ancient battle.
$0.99 Free!
Through Jun. 8th
Category: Paranormal Romance

by Felicia Tatum
Olivia and Scott are soulmates — 
meant to be together. But Scott's
 family curse means that Olivia will
 die if he ever meets her! Can Scott 
get around the enchantment, or is 
the star-crossed couple doomed to 
meet only in dreams?
$0.99 Free!
Through Jun. 11th
Category: Paranormal Romance

by Dale Mayer
A mesmerizing read with 
romance, mystery, and almost 
500 five-star reviews on Amazon. 
Samantha’s psychic abilities make 
her a reluctant source in a slew of 
murders investigated by gorgeous 
detective Brandt Sutherland.
$4.99 Free!
Category: Paranormal Romance

by Joanna Mazurkiewicz
Elves and vampires simply don’t mix
 well. As a paranormal hiring manager, 
half-elf Julia Taylor knows this better 
than anyone — so why is she letting 
bloodthirsty Nathaniel La Caz seduce her? 
A tantalizing read.
$2.99 Free!
Through Jun. 7th
Category: Paranormal Romance

BROKEN by Dean Murray
Adri is intrigued when two sinfully 
gorgeous, wealthy guys start vying 
for her attention. But as Alec and 
Brandon’s rivalry becomes dangerous,
 Adri has to question what they want 
with her — and if they’re even human!
$4.99 Free!
Category: Paranormal Romance

 by Sarah Wynde
Logical Akira Malone shrugs off
her ability to communicate with 
ghosts, but Zane senses something 
special about her. Can he convince
 her to embrace her paranormal gift
 — and open herself to love? A wholly 
original, romantic novel with over 115
 five-star Amazon reviews.
$3.99 Free!
Category: Paranormal Romance

 by K.S. Haigwood
Kendra Larkin’s life is perfect 
until a tragic accident changes
 everything. Her guardian angel 
presents a deal: Save her soulmate 
Adam, and she’ll live. But Adam has
 demons of his own, and helping him
 is no simple task…
$3.99 Free!
Category: Paranormal Romance


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