25 May 2014

WW4BB & RABT Presents: A Review of Finding Me by Dawn Brazil

Posted by wiccawitch4 on 12:20:00 pm

Sixteen-year-old Chloe Carmichael’s perfect world is in chaos. 

It’s not because she has a vision of her boyfriend murdered. And then he’s found dead exactly as she saw. It’s not because she suddenly has the ability to move objects when she’s upset. It’s kinda cool to close a door without touching it. It’s not her overbearing mother who only cares about appearances. Chloe’s grown accustomed to her families distance. 

So what has Chloe cringing in fear? 

It’s a love that defies reason. It’s a love that speaks to the heart. It demands attention. But Chloe struggles with a love that exposes the soul. What will her family think? What will her friends think? And is she worthy of his love. 

It’s having to become another person for a new group of people. Chloe knows she’s not perfect but apparently she was when she was Amanda in another life. Her new friends won’t let her forget. It’s the stench of death that hoovers over her every move. It’s the threat of finality as she tries to acclimate to a life of super human proportions. It’s an enemy she can’t see, doesn’t remember, and can be anyone she’s ever known. But her enemy knows her well. She’s the lone person with the ability to destroy him. But she doesn’t remember. 

And it’s never discovering who she really is before finality meets reality. 

My Review

Finding Me by Dawn Brazil
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amazing Read! I couldn't put the book down! Dawn Brazil is a wonderful author I found her story most intriguing and her characters were different and absolutely wonderful. She writes with such an ease that you feel as if your right there with the characters and before you realize it you have read the whole book in one sitting.

The book is edgy as well you never know what is going to pop up next or what mystery is going to be uncovered around the corner, the cliff hanger ending leaves you needing the next book right now!..lol

I can't wait to see how the story unfolds and what happens to the characters next! they were all so unique and interesting I don't know if I could choose just one to love the most but I certainly loved them all in different ways. their personalities were very well written and the villain totally shocked me! I am usually able to figure it out before the end and I so had no idea about this one! so way to go Dawn!

The villain was executed brilliantly in this and was one of my favourite parts of the book. Apart from being scary on occasion like most villains tend to be this one was smart, crafty and kept to the shadows till the end to reveal themselves which I though was awesome. They didn't just come at the characters full force and have lots of battles, instead it was always when the characters lest expected and was executed in a way so that they never knew who was attacking and then the villain was gone. total ninja style!

Dawn Brazil is totally brilliant and you all have got to read this book! TBR today and get your copy!

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