20 Dec 2011

Blessed Yule Everyone!

Posted by Unknown on 2:25:00 pm

BLESSED YULE EVERYONE! I hope you are are ready for your holiday traditions whatever they may be! Me and my family being Pagan celebrate Yule and with it the tradition of the Oak king and the Holly King and the battle to bring back the light. The Yule Solstice is the day when the we have longer days and shorter nights. The Holly King (also known as Santa) and the Oak King are twin brothers one light, one dark. They battle two times a year to keep the light in balance at Yule it is the Oak king who wins and the light returns and the Holly king retreats till the battle in the midsummer solstice where he will win and we will have longer nights and shorter days. When the battle is won the Oak king wins the hand of the Maiden Goddess and the Sun God is Born. So I hope you all have a have plenty of light in your lives and many many blessings this Yule! (the photos were taken by me and are my children reenacting the Yule time battle.)


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