31 Dec 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

Posted by Unknown on 6:32:00 am

I hope everyone holidays went wonderfully I know mine did! spent it with all my family and friends in one of the best Yule/Christmas we have had in a long time. We cut our own tree down every year out at

Popplewell's Christmas Tree Farm

787 Kitley Line 2, Jasper, K0G 1G0
Mailing Address
787 Kitley Line 2 RR 2 Jasper, ON K0G 1G0
North Leeds & Grenville
Contact Name
Russell Popplewell
Products and Services
Christmas Tree Farm, Cut Your Own, Fresh Precut.

 Watching the kids open their presents Yule morning is always a big treat! I love to see the looks on there faces when they get the things they have been dreaming about!

lol.....my son Brennan he will be 11 soon and  loves army stuff and wants to become to be in the army or on the S.W.A.T team when he grows up.
My daughter Lilyanna the baby of the bunch she will be 8 soon and  loves all things Tinkerbell! she is my little pixie...lol
My son Tristan.....lmao....I laughed so hard when I saw this pic! he turns 13 on the 5th of Jan. and when u turn 13 in our house you get a cell for xmas...lol...he was sooooooo happy!

My daughter June and our oldest she will be 15 and she is the drama queen of the family..lol...our actor! she wants to be on Broadway one day! here she is with her gift a microphone and amp set!

Then my brother Tim and his girlfriend Amanda came to town which they don't get to do very often they both have jobs in the city and it keeps them away a lot plus my bro has never been big on keeping in touch...lol...but he always makes sure he comes by around Christmas to see the kids who love him like mad...lol...as we all do he is a big loveable guy who always makes us laugh and he just never stays long enough! So we all had a nice visit and we are going to miss them so much!  Amanda got offered a job in Vancouver and so now they will be moving out there. I am soooo happy for them but sad to see them go as it is so far away as we all love them so much!

Anyway I hope you all have a blasting New Year! wherever you maybe I don't usually do anything for the new year myself besides watch movies with my family and I am coming down with a cold this year lucky me...lol...so have a great time and the next time I post it will be 2012!...lol...and I will have the first books of the new year for you! I bet you can't wait!...lol..see you then!


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