16 May 2013

My Uncle and His Amazing Snack Shack!

Posted by wiccawitch4 on 10:04:00 am

Visit the Snack Shack online at https://www.facebook.com/thesnackshackshannonville

My Uncle and His Amazing Snack Shack!

My Uncle Tim is an amazing Carpenter and a all around amazing guy. Growing up we loved to play around with him because he was always so funny and would tell silly stories and sing silly songs and could always build anything. He and our other Uncles would take us out 4 wheeling or skidooing  and  tobogganing.

Now though he has built this amazing new Snack Shack with his own hands and it is beautiful! They are open officially now and you can go and get the amazing food they have to offer like the "Ground Pounder" Which is their most famous burger because only the brave can eat it....lol                                          
(The Big "L" sampling the infamous "Ground Pounder" He earns his spot in the Ground Pounder wall of fame as the very first customer to eat one.)

(My cousin Joshua about to eat a "Grounder", 2x 8oz patties and 8 strips of bacon. When he was finished he had a few fries but didn't ask for dessert...lol)

Snack Shack Description

The Snack Shack offers Homemade Burgers from local grass fed beef. Several different varieties of Poutine, Including Pulled Pork! 

Wild Meat including Buffalo, Elk and Venison both burger and sausage. 

Chicken fingers, deep fried pickles, Chili fries, Jumbo Hotdogs and a Kids/Seniors menu. We welcome and encourage family's and children, yep, you can even bring the dog, we have a biscuit for him too. Come, Relax and enjoy your meal like you are in your own backyard having a BB-Q. We love seeing new faces and welcome back our regulars like our extended family. C'mon over and check us out. Home of the 'infamous" Ground Pounder!



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