10 May 2013

Kate Evangelista's SWAG Madness Giveaway Part 1

Posted by Unknown on 6:36:00 pm

Thats right! Kate's long awaited SWAG Madness has arrived! and the first step?


I am sooooo excited I can barley contain myself!...lol

by the way A very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kate BTW turning  30  may seem big now but trust me it will fade. I turned 30 five years ago -  don't even remember it now - seemed like a big deal at the time but I look back now and think eh...lol...it is that 40 you got to look out for...lol

anyway with now further ado here is the SWAG bag and her treasures within....

listed as the lovely treasures in side are as follows:

Red Tot Bag

Red Travel Case
Taste Notebook
Taste Bookmark
Taste Cover Sticker
Mini Note Pad
Red Pen
Black Pen
Round Key Chain
Oval Key Chain
5 Book Plates
3 Taste Note Cards
3 Clips in the shape of  two shields and a sword
Leather ID Case
Red Brooch
Black Brooch
Red Bead Bracelet
Black Bead Bracelet
Vintage Inspired Earrings
Flower Stick-on
Vintage Necklace


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