9 May 2013

Mothers Day! Are you Honouring your Mom? I Am

Posted by wiccawitch4 on 1:46:00 pm

Mother Day is coming this weekend and I hope you all have your mothers day tokens ready. As a mother myself I know just how important this day is! As a mother I could talk to you about my children from sun up to sun down, but its not children's Day its Mothers Day so I am going to talk about my Mother.

My Mother is my everything! she is my best friend and she is my confidant  she is my shoulder to cry on and my babysitter when I need one...lol. She is a caretaker and a healer, a cook and a taste tester, she is an artist and a critic, and she is everything I aspire to be.

We didn't have a lot when I was a kid growing up but I remember she made each day special like it was an adventure, each day was a new day to explore and to learn new things. We never spent a day indoors when it could be spent outside exploring and using our imaginations! That was her most famous line..lol...if we dare say we were bored she would say "Go outside and use your imagination!"

She has worked hard her whole life sometimes working more then one job and taking us to work with her if she had to, and still is working to this day. When she should be looking forward to retirement she instead she is still taking care of people cause that is what she does best! she takes care of and lives with her sister (My Aunt Kathy) who health isn't good and together they work and build a home they can be proud of, They may not be the spring chickens they once were but they are still young enough and what is most important they are young at heart.

My mom, my aunt Kathy and I are all wiccan we have followed the wiccan traditions for a long time Kaleidoscope which is a pagan festival that takes place in June. She loves to make her own medicines  lip balm, soap, and tea, which she calls Grandma's Kitchen and we use them all around my house they are fantastic!
now. My mom likes to join covens from time to time and very much enjoys going to 

With our family being Native American she goes to alll the pow wows that she can during the summer and belongs to women's drum group and protests all the unfair things that people are doing to Mother Nature.

She is all these things and more but what she is to me is hard to put into words. She has always been there for me no matter what, even when I was the bratty teen who decided I was moving out at 15, and gave my poor mother a heart attack....lol ....and even still when I layed the bombshell at her feet of wanting to get married at 17 to a man 8 years older (who I am still married to, to this day 20 years later) she pulled up her boots and helped me plan a beautiful wedding and signed the permission for me to get married. She was there for each of my children being born telling me I could do it when I thought I no longer could. She never once has faltered, never once saying I was wrong. She is my rock and my never ending source of solace. I wouldn' t be who I am today without her. My Mother! 

To all Moms out there: Happy Mother’s day! We hounor you this Weekend!

its a blog hop!


What an amazing lady, and it's so great that you appreciate what you have in her.

Happy Mother's Day to both of you!

That's great you joined the blog hop, Ms. Wicca Witch! It sounds like you have a lot in common with your awesome mom. :-)

Thanks! I sure do! And A Happy Mothers Day to you as well Nicki!

Thanks to you too Jennifer! I can only hope to be half as great! :)

Your love for her is so obvious! Thank you so much for sharing her with us. I'm totally stealing her imagination line next time my kids say they are bored!

I love this post! It's so touching.


thanks so much! and for sure go ahead and use it...lol...I sure do!...lol


thanks so much! she is my inspiration for everything I do!

Everyone should be as lucky and Amanda and I are to have eachother. Amanda is one of my best friends, always has been and always will be. I am touched to my core with her kind, sweet loving words....and I wonder if she cried as much writing them as I did reading them?
I love you baby girl!

I sure did!...lol...I love you too pieces mom! your the best mom ever!

Mother's are special people and you have a special mom. I'll bet your kids think you're just as special, too. Happy Mother's Day, Amanda.
Eric Wilder

Awww thanks so much Eric!

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