1 May 2013

My Baby Turns 9!

Posted by Amanda Masters on 11:51:00 am

It seems like only yesterday that my forth child and my second daughter was born, she was so beautiful with big round cheeks and a head full of black hair. She looked just like her brother before her and if you put the pictures together now you can hardly tell them apart. The difference? one pound, Lily weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces and her brother 9 pounds 7 ounces.

Lily                                                        Brennan                                               brennan and lily now

Even though they don't look the same today they still spend a lot of time together, as the baby of the house she is very popular and the most social at home but when it comes to others outside of home she tends to be very very shy. Lily is super smart she catches on quick to everything and with three older siblings there has always been a lot for her to learn and catch up on. She reads well above her grade level and teaches me things on the computer!....lol....she does things on facebook, youtube, game sites, and much more I can't even keep up.

She is also very active like her big brother Tristan they have that in common they are always running and jumping or climbing something!...ohohoh! makes my head spin....lol...she loves music and she loves to dance! she dances at all the pow wows during the summer that we go to and she is very artistic like her big sister June, they love to draw and write stories together.

Lily has always been my little model from day one (handy to be a mom who is a Photographer!..lol) she poses like a pro and she loves to have her picture taken! Lilyanna hopes to one day be a dentist and have lots of her own Horses.

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