13 Jun 2014

WW4BB Presents: A Reveal & Review of Witch, the Wolf and the Vampire, Book 3 by A.K. Michaels

Posted by Unknown on 7:17:00 am

Peri has finally defeated her own father, the psycho leader of a sect that has plagued her since childhood. Now she looks forward to a life she never thought she’d have, in love with both Josef and Gabe.

As the three of them prepare for their future, they become involved in helping their friends Kyle and Sabrina go on the run, tracking down a kidnapped child and advising the supernatural cop Ronan. It’s an exciting life for Peri, being the mate of both a Vampire and a Wolf!

Unknown to them, the magical sect has gained a new leader. Even more vicious than her father, it’s only a matter of time before this maniac rips apart Peri, Josef and Gabe’s world…

My Review

Witch, the Wolf and the Vampire, Book 3 by A.K. Michaels
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was amazing! A.K. Michaels continues to blow me away again and again with her books and this series is a favourite of mine! I couldn't put this book down for a min as the story held me captive from the first.

As the last book left us with a surprising turn of events this one starts off with Peri finding out the news of a lifetime and I can't believe how excited I was for her!...lol ..I have come to love these characters so much that find myself on the edge of my seat hoping and praying for there every little safety and happiness.

Its seems I am not praying in vain as Peri finds herself in danger yet again in this one but with her trusty men by her side nothing can go wrong right? if only that were the case as when Peri is kidnapped and her vamp and wolf are no where near her side and Peri's powers are of the Fritz what is a girl to do then?

This book was full of adventure, and of course all the steamy scenes we have come to know and love with A.K Michaels. this book was truly incredible! my favourite of the three!

if you haven't read the series do so now!

* mature audiences only *

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