15 Mar 2013

My Interview with Eric Wilder!

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About Eric

Born near the banks of Black Bayou in northwest Louisiana, Eric Wilder grew up  listening to his grandmothers' tales of ghosts, voodoo and political corruption.

He graduated from what is now the University of Louisiana at Monroe with a degree in geology.  He served in the U.S. Army in Vietnam,  then graduated from University of Arkansas with a master's degree in geology.

Eric began his writing career following the 80s oil bust, and now lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with wife Marilyn, daughter Kate, three dogs and two cats.

My Reviews

Wow! amazing book! Eric Wilder is a a amazing writer. I Loved Primal Creatures and when Eric asked if I wanted to review this one too I was so excited! I can't get enough of Wyatt Thomas! he is great at what he does and there is no one he doesn't know! and I have a big old soft spot for Inspector Tony he is just a big ol' sweetie....lol

This book The first of the Wyatt Thomas novels centers around Murder, Voodoo, family intrigue and Lost Heritage. It all comes together in a chilling tale of torture as a serial killer threatens the Big Easy. Wyatt and Tony enlist the help of the local Voodoo Mambo Mama Mulate in order to help solve the case.

Meanwhile Wyatt is trying to help Celeste and her Father Maurice find his family. All he remembers from his life in new Orleans as a boy is his mothers funeral, a strange service and tomb in an old graveyard, a tomb with no name just x's written on the tomb. Wyatt is sure he knows what tomb it is but is it worth their lives to find out?

I couldn't get enough of this book I loved it from beginning to end! if you like murder mystery's then you will definitely like this! I don't read a lot of mystery books but I love these ones!  

City of Spirits

OMG! I loved this BOOK! I couldn't put it down from start to finish, wow amazing! It was nice to see Wyatt get some womanly action in this book, as he is forever the ladies man he doesn't sleep around and it was nice to see him in a sort of relationship atmosphere. I loved that this book takes place in the middle of Mardi Gras as the the sights and the goings on that Eric describes makes you feel as if you are in the think of it and partying along with the characters.

In This book Wyatt Thomas Takes on a case of New Orleans most social elite Mr. Gordon Vallee. Someone is spreading nasty rumors that Mr. Vallee is a Passeblanc (half black and half white). Mr. Valle is pretty sure the person spreading the the rumor is his rival and ex-best friend Mr.Claude Sonnier. Sonnier has based his claim's on a ancient curse and the word of some 100 year old ghosts! never a dull moment in the Big Easy when Wyatt's on the case.

Meanwhile Tony and the New Orleans Police are trying to track down a wanted F.B.I escaped criminal. He is almost 7 feet tall and on the loose killing people in New Orleans, and he has already put several people in the hospital, including Tony's partner Tommy. Tony is going to bring this guy down no matter if he has to beat everyone in town for information to do it, and no one is going to stop him.

Amazing book I couldn't get enough of it! I never wanted the book to end! Eric is a master at creating a scene and making you feel like your living right in it. You can taste the food, hear the music, and feel the fear right along with the characters. Eric is a Master at what he does and I am on pins and needles to read his next Wyatt Thomas adventure! 

This was a really awesome book! It isn't really what I would normally read as I am not much into P.I stories but this one caught my attention right away as well as the fantastic cover. Eric Wilder is a superb writer I felt like I was immersed inside the story and my heart pumped right along with the characters.

My favorite Characters would have to be Jean Pierre and Landry their witty banter made me laugh even when things were at their worst for the characters and they were defiantly people who I would like as friends.

the Story starts out with a P.I. named Wyatt whose pretty much down on his luck when the case of a life time falls in his lap, 50 miles South of New Orleans on Goose Island is a Monastery the home of Tracists Monks. The Monastery also doubles as a resort and spa for Actors, Writers, etc. in the Hollywood Industry. When one of these people turn up dead and torn apart P.I Wyatt Thomas is hired to find out who did it and why, only he finds a lot more then he bargains for as the local Voodoo woman tells Wyatt that he is up against a rougarou, a Cajun werewolf, and there is no way to kill one. Are the locals just a little loopy and wild animals kill the man instead? or is there really a rougarou on Goose Island? Wyatt doesn't know but with the help of his friends he is going to find out cause no one else is going to die on his watch.

This was the third book I believe that Eric has written about the P.I Wyatt Thomas and I admit now that I have read this one I am curious about the others and will have to get them as well....lol....fantastic book and a definite read for one and all!

My Interview

I had an amazing time interviewing and getting to know a bit about Eric he is an amazing writer and a amazing person. When I first contacted him about reading Primal Creatures I was a little on the fence about it but I love werewolf stories and love New Orleans/Louisiana  so it was a safe bet I would prob enjoy the book even though murder mysteries aren't much my thing

Eric sucks you into every story until you are helpless but to know what happens next, so when he asked if I wanted to review Big Easy and City of Spirits I jumped right in with both feet! I couldn't wait to read more of Wyatt thomas 's adventures.

Eric creates a world you never want to go but at the same time never want to leave, your so intrigued by what is going on you don't see the edge you are about to fall off, but then when you do you relize that while you fell you learned so many amazing new things and experienced a brave new journey and now you wouldn't trade it for anything.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how long you’ve been writing?
I grew up in Louisiana. My Aunt Carmol, a school teacher in New Orleans, introduced my brother and me to the city when I was eleven and I’ve loved it ever since. I wrote several short stories in college, then took an unexplainable twenty-year hiatus before writing my first novel.

Q: Can you please tell us a little about your book Primal Creatures and what inspired you write it?

Primal Creatures features my French Quarter sleuth Wyatt Thomas. He’s a disbarred attorney and recovering alcoholic who has trouble with relationships. His friend and sometimes business partner Mama Mulate is a voodoo mambo and Tulane University English professor. I wanted to write something about the south Louisiana wetlands where an area the size of a football field erodes into the Gulf of Mexico every day. While there’s no moral message, hidden or otherwise, in Primal Creatures, I hoped to introduce readers to the local Cajun culture, and to an area that has, quite possibly, the largest migratory bird population on earth. It’s a part of this country few people know about, yet too important to lose because of neglect.

Q: Did you always know you wanted to be a writer, and how long did it take you to get published?

I’m an avid reader and began devouring books at an early age. I probably always wanted to be a writer, but didn’t know for sure till years later. I was raised in the “oil patch” of north Louisiana and became a petroleum geologist. After my little, independent oil company went “belly up” during the 80s oil bust, I penned my first novel and realized how much I loved to write. Another twenty years passed before I became an indie author and published my first book.

Q: If faced with a rougarou what would you do?

As a scientist, I know there are all sorts of fantastical things we humans know little about. The word rougarou is as old as the original settlers to the swamps of south Louisiana. They believed in rougarous then and still do now. If I crossed paths with a rougarou, I’d run like hell. If I could get my feet moving, that is.
Q: How did you get the idea to put Tracist Monks into your story?
There really is a monastery across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans where monks host a writer’s and artist’s retreat, and also make coffins. Other than those two facts, the Tracist Monastery came from that mysterious location up in the ozone where all writers harvest their stories.


Q: if you could go back, would you change anything about your story?

I wouldn’t change anything. Before beginning a story, I try to do an outline, both on note cards and in my mind. Once I start pecking on the keyboard though, the characters come alive and their stories begin echoing in my ears. Whatever I’d originally planned usually winds up being very different. I know it sounds crazy, but I believe all stories are part of our collective consciousness. Writers just tap into this ethereal data bank, and then transfer what they hear and feel to paper.

Q: If you could be one of the characters in your book which one would you choose?

Jean Pierre, the Chalmette detective, is perhaps the wildest, most swashbuckling character I’ve ever had in a novel. Though he’s nothing like me, it would be fun and exciting to fill his shoes for a few days.

Q: What are you working on at the moment / next?

In City of Spirits, my second French Quarter mystery, Wyatt learns from an old voodoo woman that he is a “traveler.” My next book is tentatively titled Black Magic Woman. Wyatt travels back to old New Orleans, circa 1830s, during the time of big cotton, slavery, and a strong belief in voodoo. He meets the most famous voodoo woman ever, Marie Laveau herself, and she helps him solve an old mystery.

Q: How hard was it to write a book like this and what kind of tips would you pass on to make the journey easier for other writers?

Search your imagination for that story begging to be told. You have one; we all do. I promise. The rest is simple. Plant your butt in front of a keyboard and start pecking away. Keep writing and listening to your muse, and don’t stop until you have the story on paper.

Q: Thank you so much for your interview, Eric. Would you like to tell my readers where they can find you on the web and where everyone can buy your book?

Thank you, Amanda. My website is ericwilder.com. My blog is Eric's Blogspot. I’m also at facebook.com/louisianamysterywriter, and on Twitter at @wilderinok. My books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble.com, Smashwords, Apple ibooks, Kobo, and many other places on the web. 


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