26 Feb 2014

WW4BB & IFB Presents: Guest Post Blitz of Stalkers by Cynthia Shepp, Rene Folsom, Jason Brant, Elizabeth Collins, A.E. Killingsworth, S.L. Dearing, Andrea Stanet, Bart Hopkins, Chad Foutz, Eaton Thomas Palmer, Laurie Treacy, Jon Messenger, Lindy Spencer, Magen McMinimy, Michael Loring, Nicki Scalise, Phil Taylor, Nicole Clark

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Release date: November 26th 2013 
Publisher: Indie Style Press 
Purchase: Amazon 


Shadows follow you in the darkness of the night and the eerie sensation of being watched crawls up your spine. Your sanity pulls apart at the seams as the terrors stalk their victims, leaving you too frightened to turn off the light.
These twisted stories will leave you breathless, dreading the horrors lurking around the corner.

Seventeen authors. Seventeen tales of terror. Infinite nightmares.

About Eaton Thomas Palmer 

Eaton Thomas Palmer was born and raised in the Midwest, and entered the business world because it was the thing to do. It has never been satisfying to him. He has always been creative and finally realized that he is a storyteller. He began writing when he was fifty. Writing is a passion for him and he want to share his stories with people.

Guest Post


Watch your back.

This started out as a contest but grew into an idea. This is the third anthology that was created out of a contest on my Facebook page. The authors and readers were given the opportunity to write a short story using the guidelines provided. This go round I received over thirty entries. Only seventeen were chosen, but every story deserves a moment of recognition. I want to thank everybody for their time and their wonderful imaginations. The seventeen chosen are what you will find in this anthology, a collection of short stories that left me in awe at the talent of these amazing authors. These stories come from already published authors as well as readers who aspired to write.

The guidelines used to write these short stories were ones that I thought would appeal to the audience. This left a collection of shorts that will take you all over the paranormal genre.

* This anthology will have a main theme of Stalkers. That is about where my direction stops. It does not have to be paranormal, though it can be. The story can be a psychological thriller, horror, paranormal, suspense, action… whatever you want it to be. You can have a demon stalking someone in their dreams or a serial killer stalking prey, just to give you a couple examples. Whatever your twisted minds can come up with. I want stories that have you looking in the backseat of your car before you get in—stories that make the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you think someone looked at you just a little too long. Let your imaginations flow free and DELVE into the DARKER side of your mind… You know you want to.*

I believe that the authors of these short stories more than met the guidelines; they exceeded even my expectations. I hope that you enjoy reading these as much as I did. Please leave a review when you are
finished on Amazon or Goodreads and let us know what you think. Also, please take the opportunity to connect with these amazing authors. Author links are included on the individual title pages of the stories.

Enjoy your read!

Cynthia Shepp


Every Thorn

Rene Folsom

About Rene

Rene Folsom, author of paranormal romance and erotica, lives in Florida with her husband and three kids. She has officially diagnosed herself with creative ADD and, if it weren't for her day job as a graphic designer, she would have a million and one writing projects going at once. In addition to web design, she is also a graphic artist who loves to create custom book cover designs for indie authors. She is definitely an artist at heart and would love nothing more than to be elbow deep in clay during her waking hours.

Rene believes that all fiction is based on some form of reality—otherwise we would never have the inspiration or knowledge to dream up the realistic situations we portray with our words. She is proud to say that her personal experiences have been inspirational, though perhaps not always identical to that of her fictional characters. Where reality and fantasy diverge, however, must remain her little secret…

Stalk Rene

Website: www.renefolsom.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/renefolsom
Amazon: www.amazon.com/author/renefolsom

More from Rene

Soul Seers Boxed Set: http://amzn.to/17O2fgI


Later that evening, Brittany lay in her bed and stared at the rose she placed on her nightstand. A dull, soothing breeze lingered from the patio
and made her sheer curtains dance gracefully in its wake. The moon shining through the open sliding glass doors lit her room with dark hues of blue and gray. The purple rose looked almost black with the muted lighting.

“Why purple?” she murmured, unsure what the gesture meant.

With curiosity burning a hole in her mind, she grabbed her cell phone from the nightstand and searched the web for purple rose meaning.

Enchantment; Love at first sight.

“Well, that’s a little bit of sweet and a whole lot of creepy,” she said out loud while locking the keys on her phone and placing it back on the table next to the rose.

Thinking twice about the implications of this random rose, Brittany slid out of bed and tiptoed over to the doors leading to her patio. The light wind tickling her bare skin made a shiver roll up her spine. Sliding the heavy doors closed with a low whooshing sound, she breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the click of the lock latching in place.

Slinking back into bed, she settled down against her soft pillow and stared at the rose once more. The rose giver continued to plague her mind as her eyelids grew heavy, and she began to doze off.

That night, Brittany dreamed of purple roses and stalker eyes.

Dead Ringer

Jason Brant

About Jason

Jason Brant grew up in the mountains of western Pennsylvania where he eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

After spending more than half a decade working as a Digital Forensics Analyst contractor for the Department of Defense, Jason prefers to spend his time writing and watching movies.

As a Steelers fan living outside of Baltimore, Jason and his wife Erin spend most of their days dodging flying cans of National Bohemian Beer being thrown at them by Ravens fans.

Stalk Jason

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jmbrant
Blog: www.jasonbrant.blogspot.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/jason_brant

Read More from Jason

Devoured: http://amzn.to/I83ZpZ


“Mr. Ryan! Such a pleasure to see you again!” The desk clerk beamed at me across the counter.
My head swiveled around, inspecting the rest of the lobby behind me.
I was the only one in there. The clerk waved at me, beckoning me over to the front desk.
“I was afraid we wouldn’t see you again!” A broad grin cracked his serene demeanor.
And then it clicked.
This man thought I was James Ryan, former second baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers. After last season concluded, the Brewers traded James to the Marlins. But you’re already aware of that, aren’t you?
That’s why you’re here.
You’re probably asking yourself what a baseball player has to do with me, right?

Autumn (The Season Where Everything Dies)

Elizabeth Collins

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Collins resides in Michigan with her husband and twin sons. She enjoys researching the random things that pop in her head, rain, and going to home improvement stores just for the smell of it. If she could, she would spend all her time reading or writing, preferably on a beach or in the woods with no one else around. She’s mesmerized by all forms of art, loves office supplies, and hates housework. So much so that her dream is to eventually earn enough money writing to be able to hire someone else to do it.

Stalk Elizabeth

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ElizabethCollinsAuthor


“We belong together,” I whisper, and then I can’t hold back any longer. I lock my arm around his waist and cover his lips with mine. Before I can coax them open with my tongue, he rips himself away.
“The fuck?” he sneers, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand. He slides around me and re-buckles his belt.
I’m stuck where he left me, my chest turning to ice and then cracking down the middle. The anger in his eyes doesn’t make any sense—I know he wants this. It has to be her.
“What the hell are you thinking, Autumn? I’m married, and your boss. Are you crazy?”

Don’t Kiss the Dead, Fred

A.E. Killingsworth

About A.E.

A.E. Killingsworth is a writer from Alabama, who favors paranormal and urban fantasy. She has a love/hate relationship with her degree in English and a passion for exploring Southern culture. She loves Jane Eyre, vintage glassware, and hiking in the mountains. Most importantly, she’s married to her best friend and soul mate. She thinks her puppy is pretty special too.
Also, I would never have done this if it weren’t for my CCR writing group. Thanks for the accountability, ladies!

Stalk A.E.

Website: www.aekillingsworth.com


He had the softest smile on his lips. His eyes were sleepy, and when he leaned in close, my heart did funny little jumps in my chest. Was this it? Was this finally the moment I’d always remember as my first kiss?
I shifted my head the tiniest bit closer and, just before our lips met; he groaned real low. I took it for desire and pressed my lips against his, but they were unyielding. He leaned heavily into me, and I instinctively pushed against him.
Imagine my surprise when he keeled over backwards and with a crack, and split his head open on a concrete column. The doctors said it wasn’t the blow that killed him—it was a heat-induced heart attack not even a minute before. It seemed like that blood would never come off my porch.
I also never thought I’d kiss a guy and bury him within a week…


Chad Foutz

About Chad

Chad Foutz has been writing since the age of seventeen, but always had an irrational fear of submitting any of his work. A lover and collector of books, he spends much of his time reading and writing. He is fairly inept at certain social media, preferring not to be bothered, but recently realized the importance of networking. A lifelong lover of Herman Melville and 80’s hard rock and heavy metal, he spends hours on end listening to old CDs and hoping to one day write a masterpiece nearly as good as Moby Dick.

Stalk Chad

Blog: www.mrhyde93.blogspot.com

Keep an eye out for Chad’s book of short stories, coming soon.


Bernice Hawkes dutifully rose from her desk.
Harlan Berry was her Elvis Presley and her Adam West, her star crushes, all wrapped into one. He was not as tall as Batman, nor was he as handsome as the Memphis rock star, but to her, he was the perfect male…

Destination: Death

Eaton Thomas Palmer

About Eaton

Eaton Thomas Palmer was born and raised in the Midwest, and entered the business world because it was the thing to do. It has never been satisfying to him. He has always been creative and finally realized that he is a storyteller. He began writing when he was fifty. Writing is a passion for him and he wants to share his stories with people.

Read more from Eaton

Paranormal Anthology with a Twist: http://amzn.to/1e63lDv


The end was near. Anticipation was mounting to an explosive level. Almost three years had passed since the plan was implemented—so many had died. And now it has come down to this meeting. This final person. Was this old woman the key?
How many people have I stalked, deceived, only to discover they did not have the power I needed to die? They had to be killed. It has been a long journey, too long. This end, this long-awaited end, will justify the means. Now I shall reach my destination… Death.

Freezer Burn

Jon Messenger

About Jon

Jon Messenger graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations. His passion for writing began in college and has continued throughout his military career, to include two combat deployments in Iraq. His four full-length science fiction novels and two short stories directly portray his combat experiences.

He lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife, son, and small petting zoo.

Stalk Jon

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jonmessengerauthor

Read More from Jon

Burden of Sisyphus: http://amzn.to/1bbooq9


“Sarah, we’ve got to go.”
He didn’t hear a reply, other than the ongoing hum of the hair dryer. Sighing, he stood from the bed and walked over to the bathroom door. He knocked lightly.
“Baby? Are you almost done?”
She should have been able to hear him from the closed door, but she didn’t respond.
“Sarah?” he said, suddenly concerned. He turned the door handle and let the door swing open.
The bathroom was empty…

The Watcher

Lindy Spencer

About Lindy

Lindy Spencer currently lives in Oklahoma with her superhero family - Amazing Husband and Super Smart Dog. When she’s not writing, she’s most likely reading, riding motorcycles, or shooting things with a Canon.

Stalk Lindy

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LindySpencer.Author
Twitter: www.twitter.com/_Lindy_Spencer

Read more by Lindy

The Boomerang Effect: http://amzn.to/1ellVbp


Coming back to reality, I remembered my manners. “Hold on, let me get my purse, just one sec.” I took a step back into the house and turned, setting the vase on the hall table to free my hands. As I carefully set it down, I ran my hands up to the stem of the vase to make sure it was settled.
“Ouch!” I jerked my hand back. A dot of blood on the tip of my index finger was growing; I lifted my hand to my mouth and sucked to make the bleeding stop. The room seemed to shimmer for a moment, as if the sun were reflecting off a shiny secret…

Say My Name

Michael Loring

About Michael

Michael Loring was born in Bristol, CT, but has lived in a variety of places such as Florida and Tennessee. He likes to think of himself as an amateur Lycanthropologist, studying werewolves ever since he was eight years old when he first saw An American Werewolf in London. Today he writes to help fill the itch to let his constant daydreams out into the world, in the hopes others enjoy them just as much as he does.

Stalk Michael

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Author-Michael-Loring/273293846073390
Website: www.michaelloring.com

Read more from Michael

Dehumanized: http://amzn.to/1dmM4cY


Oh God.
He was back there again. He knew it before he opened his eyes, from the way the icy air chilled his bones. The muscles in his back clenched tight in fright. The smell of sulfur was in the air, wafting around like a bog in the darkened world. He opened his eyes apprehensively, staring at the familiar terrain that has been his dreamscape for who knows how long. It was a world of total darkness, the only light being the small circle he stood in—as if in a spotlight—a thin mist circling him like a predator would its prey…


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