13 Mar 2013

Big Easy by Eric Wilder

Posted by Unknown on 2:49:00 pm

Big EasyBig Easy by Eric Wilder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! amazing book! Eric Wilder is a a amazing writer. I Loved Primal Creatures and when Eric asked if I wanted to review this one too I was so excited! I can't get enough of Wyatt Thomas! he is great at what he does and there is no one he doesn't know! and I have a big old soft spot for Inspector Tony he is just a big ol' sweetie....lol

This book The first of the Wyatt Thomas novels centers around Murder, Voodoo, family intrigue and Lost Heritage. It all comes together in a chilling tale of torture as a serial killer threatens the Big Easy. Wyatt and Tony enlist the help of the local Voodoo Mambo Mama Mulate in order to help solve the case.

Meanwhile Wyatt is trying to help Celeste and her Father Maurice find his family. All he remembers from his life in new Orleans as a boy is his mothers funeral, a strange service and tomb in an old graveyard, a tomb with no name just x's written on the tomb. Wyatt is sure he knows what tomb it is but is it worth their lives to find out?

I couldn't get enough of this book I loved it from beginning to end! if you like murder mystery's then you will definitely like this! I don't read a lot of mystery books but I love these ones!
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Someone is killing New Orleans' street people and this is hurting the City's tourist trade just beginning to recover from Hurricane's Katrina and Rita. More than just simple acts of murder, voodoo is involved, the killer possibly an actual Vodoun deity. Homicide detective Tony Nicosia seeks the help of Wyatt Thomas, the City's foremost expert on a very secret and often seedy side of the Big Easy. Wyatt enlists the aid of Mama Mulate, Tulane English professor, and an actual voodoo mambo, to assist him. Together, they unravel the strangest mystery to hit the venerable city since Marie Laveau herself. Take a deep breath, and then prepare to see the Big Easy, as you have never imagined.


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