19 Mar 2013

The Inadvertent Thief by Leti Del Mar

Posted by wiccawitch4 on 6:07:00 pm

The Inadvertent ThiefThe Inadvertent Thief by Leti Del Mar
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I totally loved it! defiantly not my usual type of read. I was a bit skeptical at first but intrigued by the storyline. Leti Del Mar tells a story that captures you and then doesn't let go, I couldn't put the story down! Vivian is an amazing character who is so determined, witty, hardheaded, but at the same time easily hurt. She blends well into the world of art and security, and when she meets Walt/Nathan the book couldn't get any better!

Vivian Flowers specializes in protecting fine art but her whole world comes crashing down when two of a set of four well known paintings Summer and Fall are stolen from one of the galleries she works for. The Gallery has hired the Savvy insurance agent Walter Johnson to help her to get the paintings back and Vivian is determined that she will get the paintings back, even if she has to steal them back herself!

Together Vivian and Walther and their team slowly piece together all the clues that lead them though one hell of a ride! Vivian is sure that it will be only a matter of time before they get the paintings back, but then one of the remaining two Winter is stolen, and Vivian is sure Spring will be next. Could it be an inside job? could one of her people be responsible? Vivian doesn't know be she is going to find out and she is going to get her paintings back!

Leti Del Mar is an amazing writer just when I thought the story was winding down something new and exciting would take its place and it would be off and going again. It did this at least 4 times! and the ending will leave you with a definite smile on your face! I couldn't get enough and I think I was up till at least 1:00am before I had to force myself to go to bed and finish the rest the next day or I would have been up all night reading it cause I just didn't want to stop!...lol

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In The Inadvertent Thief, Vivien Flowers specializes in protecting fine art and her highly structured world comes to a halt when two very special paintings are stolen. In her fierce determination to get them back, Vivien learns how to become a thief. The handsome insurance agent assigned to the case is eager to help and together they unravel the clues that lead to a complicated web of intrigue.


A captivating read, indeed. I greatly enjoyed it myself.

aww Carmen thanks so much for sending Leti my way I loved the book so much and I can't wait for her to write another in the series!

Blessings my friend!

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