8 Mar 2013

Summer Camp

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If your a mom Like me you are probably doing the same thing as me around this time of year, filling out forms for the summer camp that your children attend every year. As our forms have to be in before May, I am always busy trying to add and crunch the numbers to make sure that we are going to be able to afford to send our children to camp, because it is one of the best things that my kids look forward to when summer approaches. The older they get the more expensive it gets as well and it sure hurts the pocket book, it sure is worth it though when you see their smiling faces all aglow awaiting the drop off for camp.

Every year we send our 4 children to RKY Camp in Parham, Ontario it is a wonderful and beautiful camp, full of fun activities from sun up to sun down. Their Camp categories and prices are:

Summer Camp

- $587.00
RKY Camp provides a one week sleepover camp designed with first-time, younger campers in mind. Under the supervision of specially selected staff, this experience focuses mainly on helping campers to make new friends and share fun, new and interesting experiences while living with a group of other cabin mates. Emphasis is placed on cabin togetherness, and experiencing all that camp has to offer.

YOUTH CAMP - $587.00(1 WEEK) - $1148.00(2 WEEKS)

(1 WEEK (9-11 years) AND 2 WEEKS OPTION, AGES: 8-12 YEARS)
Designed for young, energetic youth campers get the full RKY Camp experience, travelling through the core program areas we offer as well as choosing activities that interest them. All Youth Campers have the opportunity to experience overnight canoe trip on beautiful Eagle Lake.

SENIOR CAMP - $1249.00
(2 WEEKS, AGES: 13-15 YEARS)
Our oldest campers enjoy all of the programs and instruction as the Youth Campers do. In addition, though, there are special Senior Camp programs aimed at teenagers. Senior Campers may also choose to take part in the RKY Rag Program, which invites our oldest campers to challenge themselves personally and spiritually in order to help them grow. Our Senior Campers go off-site for a canoe trip of three or four days in length.

(2 WEEKS, (15-16 years)
This two-week program provides participants with an opportunity for personal growth and development. Both hard skill and soft skill development are at the core of the LIT program. Participants will be able to learn the fundamentals of communication, leadership and prepare for future facilitation opportunities. With guidance from our Leadership Counsellors LITs will have the opportunity to participate in a white water canoeing trip at Palmer rapids and work towards their Ontario Recreational Canoe Certification. 4 volunteer hours are available to participants of the LIT Program.

(1 MONTH, AGES 16 -17)
Our CIT program is a one month program which focuses on the development of key leadership and teamwork qualities that will help prepare participants for future endeavors. Under the supervision of their Leadership Counsellors participants are able to practice there counselling skills through a number of cabin placements. CITs will also complete a 5 day canoe trip. CIT participants have a responsibility to show strong role modeling and actively participate in the development of RKY Campers. CITs have the opportunity to achieve their Lifesaving Society Bronze Medallion or Bronze Cross during this duration of this program. In addition, 8 Volunteer hours are available to participants.

A sibling discount of $47.00 per additional child is available to families who register more than one sibling.

RKY is an amazing camp and we are blessed to have found it as it seems to be secreted away out there in Parham. The Camp makes every effort to teach the children about nature and the history of the land with the names of the cabins all in Native Names and words. Being of Native Blood myself it is important to me that my children go to a camp that appreciates the land.

Our son Tristan is a Champion at the rock climbing wall, our other son Brennan is in love with the Archery and our Oldest June is a fish and loves to spend all her free time in the water. This will be our youngest Lily's 2nd time at camp, this time she is staying the whole two weeks where last year she only stayed one. She is both Nervous and Excited as she has never been away from home that long before without mom and dad but with her siblings there I am sure she wont even think about us and the time will fly by.

Kids sure are lucky these days the exciting places they go and the amazing things they do, we never got these opportunities when I was a kid...lol

To see more about this great camp visit their website at http://www.rkycamp.org their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/rkycamp or follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/RKYCamp @RKYCamp


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