25 Jan 2014

WW4BB Presents: A Spotlight & Review on Reverb by J. Cafesin

Posted by wiccawitch4 on 12:22:00 am

Book Title: Reverb 
Publisher: Entropy Press 
Pub Date: January 2013 
Author's Name (pen name): J. Cafesin 
Genre(s): Romantic Suspense; Literary Fiction 
Link to website: www.reverbnovel.com/

*Warning Sexual Content - not for those under 18*


James Whren is brilliant, beautiful, rich, and taken—with his genius for creating music. Desired by many, he commits to no one but his muse. On the eve of his brother's funeral his father shatters his life, and James is left abandoned in hell with no one real to save him.

His odyssey to freedom takes him beyond the looking glass, to the reflection of friends and lovers. Humbled and alone, James escapes to the Greek island of Corfu. But instead of finding solace there, loneliness consumes him.

Until Elisabeth, and her son, Cameron...

Reverb is a love story, a psychological thriller paced with romantic suspense. It is a tale of redemption—the evolution of a modern man from solipsist to integrated awareness, the journey inadvertently awakening his capacity to love.

Reverb isn't your typical romantic suspense. Spun from The Magus (John Fowles), also about a man who learns to love someone other than himself, and way beyond 50 Shades of Gray, Reverb is told like Crime and Punishment, modern, tight, edgy verging on sharp. It's like nothing you've read, guaranteed.

My Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow! This is one of those books that changes you after reading it. J. Cafesin writing style even though confusing at times, the heartbreak and the darkness of the book is felt on every page so much so that the reader fears at times to turn the page.

James Micheal Whren has everything that anyone could possibly want, he's beautiful, rick, talented and all the women love him. However all these things aren't happiness and the only person who can ever reach James is James. Lost in his lonely world of music he doesn't see the world he is shutting out around him and the loved ones he is pushing away until the fateful day his brother dies of a drug overdose.

Left as the only heir to his fathers immense fortune, a fortune that he doesn't want or need, James finds himself locked and thrown into in a horrid world against his will. A world that James will do anything to escape, even if it means his death.

Now on the run James seeks peace and solace from the horrors of his past in Athens where he meets Elizabeth and her son Cameron also seeking escape and solace in the Greek Island. Together they learn to live in world around them and each other and forget the horrors of the past. But will James take it one step further and confront the people who placed the horrors on him in the first place?

the characters in this story really touch your heart, James is a character that stays with you long after you have read the story. He is the true tortured artist! Elizabeth and Cameron were to sweet and kind to have suffered as they did, but they would have never have meet James otherwise and I was grateful for that. I really felt bad for Julie and my heart still breaks for her knowing her heart will prob always pine away for James that she wanted.

About the Author

J. Cafesin lives on the eastern slope of the redwood laden Oakland Hills with her husband/best friend, two gorgeous, talented, spectacular kids, and a bratty but cute Shepherd pound hound. Find her on Facebook, Google+, and Goodreads. 

See Our Interview with the Author of Reverb - J. Cafesin HERE


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