18 Sep 2013

WW4BB Presents: Happy Book Birthday, Unreap My Heart!!!

Posted by wiccawitch4 on 8:37:00 am

Happy Book Birthday, 
Unreap My Heart!!!


Amazon: http://ning.it/14XBzZz

B&N: http://ning.it/16eLW6n

Omnific Pub: http://ning.it/16eM1qN

Here's a snippet for you:

“I thought you were good. That some part of you was good.”

In a blink of an eye, Balthazar stood right in front of her. Arianne yelped. He took her wrist and brought the tip of the knife to the center of his chest. With his other hand, he tilted her chin up so she could look into the white center of his black irises. His silver hair rained over his forehead, covering the crease that marred its usual smoothness.

“You think I’m the good guy?” he whispered. She continued trembling, worse now. He leaned down until his lips touched her ear. “I’m not.”


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