3 Sep 2013

WW4BB Presents: A Review on Colony East by Scott Cramer

Posted by wiccawitch4 on 12:50:00 am

Colony East by Scott Cramer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amazing Read! Scott has done it again in this second book! I couldn't put it down! the story was filled with edge of your seat thrills that make you aware over and over again how fragile the world could really be.

This books starts off pretty much were the first one ended. Abby and her brother Jordon are far from home trying to bring home pills in a desperate hope to save the kids on their home Island. In order to get home they must do some things that go against their natures as life on the mainland is harsh and brutal and it is every kids for himself.

several months later a new threat looms on the horizon. The Purple Moon dust virus has mutated and no one knows what to do! the kids are calling this new virus "Pig" because you eat and eat and eat and then get a fever and die. When Abby and Jordon's Little sister Toucan contracts the virus they set off again on another journey to find a cure. Will they be in time to save her? or will she die like the hundreds who have already lost their lives?

Amazing story! so heartbreaking and real it hits you where you live! if something like this was ever to happen I could so see the struggles and the death that Scott describes. Scott is a amazing storyteller and his books are truly increasable!

If you haven't read this series yet I say do so NOW! it is a definite must read!!!

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In a terrifying world where an epidemic has killed off most of the world's adults, fifteen-year-old Abby struggles to keep her brother and sister safe

When a new, deadly disease starts to spread among the survivors, Abby must make the dangerous journey to Colony East, an enclave of hidden scientists caring for a small group of children for reasons unknown.

Abby fears that time is running short for the victims, but she's soon to learn that time is running out for everyone outside Colony East.


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