25 Sep 2013

WW4BB Presents: A Review of The Fourth Marker by L. William Gibbons

Posted by Amanda Masters on 10:00:00 pm

The Fourth Marker by L. William Gibbons
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book! it was sooo fantastic! I loved reading it! This was such a heartwarming and intriguing story full of life, love and history. I Think William Gibbons did an amazing job of telling this amazing and wonderful story.

Gabe Townsend, a child on the family farm during the Great Depression has rejected legends of his Native American ancestors and ignored the miraculous cures of three of his family members. Gabriel's half-breed grandfather, Noopah, who once tried to teach him the tribal legends and the old ways. Noopah explains that in death tribal elders returned to their lands in spirit form after their deaths and they rested at a sacred hill on the family's land, protecting their descendants from early death and white man's diseases.

Gabriel's father is miraculously cured, but Gabe's mother blindly credit's his recovery to the field of modern medicine. After the recovery, a person of evil character and not of tribal blood disappears, followed by the mysterious appearance of a wood marker on the sacred tribal hill.

Facing the loss of his wife, Gabriel relives his childhood memories Gabriel begs the spirits to take him in place of his wife, knowing that there will be a Fourth marker upon the hill that would signify his own life – and death. As Gabe's father noted, "some understand only what they see; others see only what they understand."

This was an amazing book! I loved the history and the legends! As a Native American myself I was so touched by Gabriel and his story in a way that I think would touch many of us! Gabriel's life and his challenges touch many hearts as many of us have lost loved ones and wish we could save them. William makes the story so real you believe you can reach out and touch it!

William Gibbons is a superb author and I would read more for sure! if you haven't read this one be sure to put it on your TBR list as it is a book you don't want to miss!

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Elderly Gabriel Townsend is being crushed between the metaphoric anvil of his pragmatic beliefs and the falling hammer of his wife's pending death.

As a child, he scorned the legends of his Native American ancestors and ignored miraculous cures of three family members during the Great Depression. Now facing the loss of his wife, he relives childhood memories, guided by the spirit of his grandfather from beyond - well beyond - the grave. He recalls that, each time a family member was cured, another person of evil character and not of tribal blood disappeared, followed by the mysterious appearance of another wood marker on a sacred tribal hill on the family's land. Finally accepting the truth of long ago, Gabriel plans to beg the elder's spirits to take his life in exchange for his wife's, aware that a fourth marker would symbolize his life - and his death.


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