20 Sep 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!!! Special Guess The Book By It's Cover Game and Giveaway!

Posted by Amanda Masters on 12:21:00 am

Its my Birthday today! yay! and I am going to celebrate with all of you today as I am having a party with friends and family tomorrow.

So to celebrate how about a Extra Special Birthday Game and Giveaway?

To play:

  1. Please submit your answers through the Google Doc form below by entering the book's title only.  Just answer however many you can!
  2. Please no cheating!  I want to see how easy or difficult this is. Cheating would be sharing info with others, but googling book covers to double check your hunch is not cheating. And please don't tweet or leave comments of your guesses.
  3. The game runs for a week and will end midnight Sept 26th 2013
  4. Winner will be announced Sept 27th and will be the person with the most guesses correct!
  5. The Winner will receive their choice of any of the books below in ebook format.

On to the game!

These are all fairly well known novels and you can find all of these covers here in my blog Posts! Good luck everyone!


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