28 Nov 2013

WW4BB Presents: A Giveaway and Review of Lionrhods Dark Moon Gates!

Posted by Unknown on 12:06:00 am

5.0 out of 5 stars great book and great story!November 11, 2013

This review is from: Dark Moon Gates (Witches' Gates Saga) (Kindle Edition)
I really enjoyed this book the characters were awesome and the story was quite adventurous! being a wiccan myself I quite enjoyed all the ritual aspects to the story as well as the fictitious ones. Lionrhod is a brilliant author with a amazing grasp of both the occult and the fae sides of the story and brings them both together in a beautiful way creating a story that leaves people on the the edge of their seats throughout the whole book dying to know what is going to happen next!

Willa comes form a typical family and lives a normal existence on the outside but behind the sense Willa's family is anything but your typical family. Willa's family is wiccan, part of a coven of witches and in order to keep their family from the unfriendly stares and ridicule they must keep their practices a secret.

Joth is of the Seely court(the good fae), he is in the mortal realm to find the revealer the prophesied child that will keep the gates of fae open forever. Unfortunately his sister Bria is also here and is of the UnSeely court (the bad fae) and working against everything he is trying to do. Bria wants to close the gates forever and to do that she must sacrifice the child.

Together Willa, Joth and the coven do what they can to keep the child out of the hands of the UnSeely fea who are determined to sacrifice the child. But will they be enough? and do they even what the gates to be open to begin with?

great book and great story! there was never a dull moment through the whole thing! ever moment was full of action and drama! if you haven't read this yet you are missing out! get your copy today!!!!

Willa, high school Junior and witch-in-training has a problem. No, not the ordinary problem of being a lonely, geekish misfit, though sure, she can add that to her list. And not the problem that she's got a crush on a delicious and evasive lord of Faery, and her mom's got the hots for him too. That's the easy stuff.

Teachers at her school are disappearing. The substitutes are faery Sidhe in disguise, and they're trying to uncover the identity of the child who will, according to prophecy, open the Gates to Faery. That kid happens to be Willa's 3-year old brother Arrie.

Since opening the Gates means the humans will invade and ravage the realm of Faery, the Sidhe plot to sacrifice Arrie at the dark moon, two weeks away. If they manage to do it, the Gates will close forever and the human world will perish for lack of magic. They haven't discovered Arrie's identity yet. They're narrowing down fast.

Then there's that pesky detail in the prophecy: Willa will be struck blind if she manages to stop Arrie's sacrifice.

4 out of 5 stars.

Great Book!

I really enjoyed this story! Lionrhod is a awesome writer and storyteller! I loved the colour and detail and this story, it was full of adventure and heart as well and when coming to the end I found myself disappointed that there was now more!
D'hara is an assassin in training, at the age of 19 she is well passed the age of "Change" and is a disappointment not only to herself but her parents as well. Without the "Change" she can never hope to make a match in marriage or to step into her mothers shoes as the high assassin, a title their family has held for many generations. 
D'hara's only comfort her born for slave Aldrar who's child is taken from her and going to be sacrificed in the name of the princesses new child. D'hara must brave the wrath of the Prophet God's priests and the hazards of the city Below to save him. Will she get to him in time? or will the priest who has a grudge against her figure out her plans and stop her before she can complete her plan?
Great Story! Lionrhod sure likes to keep you on the edge of your seat! this is such an intriguing tale full of adventure and heartfelt chaos. I can't wait to hear what happens next!

At nineteen, assassin-in-training D'hara, is a
 disappointment to her parents, and especially 

Without the mysterious "Change" that should have
 come at puberty, her father the Khalji cannot make
 her an advantageous marriage. Nor can she follow 
in the path of her mother, the High Assassin. Their
 line has held that title for eight generations. 
D'hara will break the chain if she does not become 
fully Assassin caste.

In this city of political intrigue, cunning 
manipulation and betrayal, the only one D'hara 
can trust is her beloved born-for slave, Aldrar.
Now, Aldrar's newborn infant is in peril, chosen for 
ritual sacrifice as the ghostly slave of another 
princess. D'hara must brave the wrath of the Prophet 
God's priests and the hazards of the city Below to save him.

A dark Sword & Sorcery fantasy set in a violent world where poison and 
backstabbing prevail, Nenfari is the first story in the Assassin's Flower Series.

About the Author

A writer of fantasy and non-fiction metaphysics, Lionrhod (pronounced 
LION-rod as the h is silent) caught the writing bug at age 8. Inspired by her 
writer mother, she wrote an extremely lousy and highly plagiarized story 
about a pony. From there, she went on to focus on science fiction and fantasy
as well as romance, and when she realized that she was a Witch, articles 
on Wicca and Magick. As an avid Dungeons and Dragon's player, she has 
written several articles for that sort of thing and one of her pieces was 
featured in a TSR module way back before they became Wizards of the 
Coast. She has also written for Green Egg.

She tends to write slow, though that is changing!

She has been a witch and wysard (yes we spell it funny) for most of her life. 
She works as a professional psychic and a teacher of metaphysics. When she 
isn't glued to the keyboard, she enjoys hiking in the woods, gardening, 
cooking and yak wrangling. She is presently working on creating a rescue for
large breed dogs and for retired animals.


5 copies of Dark Moon Gates 


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