5 Apr 2013

I got Carmen Stefanescu's Autograph! and you can too!

Posted by Unknown on 9:36:00 am

I was contacted by Carmen just yesterday and she is now giving out autographs to those who would like one and boy did i jump!...lol...Carmen is one of my favorite people as most of you know, ever since reading her amazing book Shadows of the Past of which I just couldn't get enough of! so when offered her John Hancock I was all over that...lol

For all you Authors and Writers out there on the internet there is a site called Author graph where you can put your own John Hancock up for others online along with a short message and whatever books you have written. I for one think it is an amazing Idea! What better way to keep fans and there favorite authors connected!

Not only that but you can keep all your collected signatures together on your personal profile online or download them in PDF format to your computer! how cool is that!

Here is my very first one! from Camren! Thanks so much Carmen your the greatest!


You are very welcome, Amanda!
Indeed, it's amazing how many awesome things have been created and help us communicate and feel closer, although we live thousand of miles apart!

I know! it is an awesome thing indeed! I Just love it to pieces and have even Printed it out and framed it! that is how much I love it!

Blessings my Friend!

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