16 Apr 2013

Legacy of Ghosts by Joleene Naylor book 2 in the Amaranthine Series.

Posted by wiccawitch4 on 10:45:00 am

Legacy of Ghosts (Amaranthine, #2)Legacy of Ghosts by Joleene Naylor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love this series! I love all the battles but this book was mostly verbal fighting...lol...damn I wanted to slap some of them! Oren is so damn frustrating! I liked the interaction between Jorick and Katelina in this one it was explosive and raw and just perfect.

This book starts off where the last one left off with Jorick and Katelina going to his home. When they get there they are set upon by several people all of who have several options on whether or not Jorick should or should not Join in on Oren's war against the Guild. Jorick determined to have some peace at home with Katelina declines, but fate it would seem has other plans for them when Katelina is attacked by goons sent by and old enemy bent out for revenge and Jorick must join forces with Oren in order to retaliate.

Will they die in this battle? no one knows, but Katelina is determined to prove her worth no only to Jorick but to the others as well for she may be a human but she is no coward!

I totally love this series! Joleene is an artist! the characters are amazing, they are so much like real people it is amazing to me that they are not ...lol... except for the vampire thing ....lol.... if you could really throw that many annoying people in one room together it would soooo be just as she describes it she is a genius!....I so can't wait to read the next one.

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"Warning Sexual Content"

After the events of Shades of Gray, Katelina seeks peace at Jorick’s house by the sea. But it’s  impossible to find, so long as she’s determined to stay with a vampire – and she is determined, isn’t she?
Despite her growing attraction to her vampire “hero”, there are so many secrets left hidden in the shadows.  While she struggles to unravel the mystery of a locked room and a faded photograph, a storm brews in the world beyond. Kateesha, a former ally, builds a secret war coven to fight the same battle as Jorick’s fledgling.  A common enemy isn’t enough to overcome past betrayals, and the tempest explodes into a violent frenzy that may leave one of them dead, if not changed forever.
Old enemies will resurface and the past will come back to haunt both Jorick and Katelina as they’re pulled by opposing forces into a battle that neither had anticipated. Can they band together and stand strong against the waves that threaten to tear them apart, or will they lose themselves to old regrets and older guilt? 
The second installment of the Amaranthine series plunges back into a world of blood and cruelty where the darkness hold dominion and vampires don’t sparkle.


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Except for my review all info here was provided by Joleen Naylor's Amaranthine Series Website for more info go to http://joleenenaylor.wordpress.com


Thanks so much for the kind review! So glad you enjoyed it :D

I sure did! and you very welcome I am very much enjoying myself...lol...love these books!

Great review. These are terrific books and I've enjoyed each and every one of them

thanks!i am so glad u enjoyed it! they are great books and should be read over and over! :)

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