6 Apr 2013

Kongomato by Roger Lawrence

Posted by wiccawitch4 on 1:19:00 pm

KongomatoKongomato by Roger Lawrence
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! what an ending! Does Roger Lawrence know how to keep you on the edge of your seat or what? and then drops you on your head at the end...lol...wow I was blown away by the ending of this book, I totally never saw it coming!

Roger Lawrence creates a completely terror filled and edge of your seat suspenseful story that keeps you guessing around every corner. I mean Literally guessing, for he leaves little clues but doesn't come right out and just say what it is and by the time he does tell you, you are biting your finger nails to know...lol

Kongomato is the story of a strange and huge Rock found in Africa, some idiots try to steal it and in the process break the rock open and what comes out leaves London with a body count and the government in crisis mode.

Doctor John Hendry is a Crypt-Zoologist and studies creatures that have long since died and may be London's only chance of survival from the strange things hunting them in the night. With the help of some very unscrupulous characters Hendry is going to figure out what to do because his best friend is out their some where and he is going to help him, or die trying.

Roger is an amazing story teller and I was sucked right in! I don't usually read these kind of books but I had a wonderful time and loved the edge of the seat suspense.

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  Three right-wing thugs accidentally release a ten million year old reptile in London. What's more the creature can kill simply by looking at its prey.If that is not bad enough, the Prime Minister can tell no one. After enlisting the help of a reluctant scientist, aided by someone he hates and doesn't trust, they have a week to save the city before "friendly powers" take matters in to their own hands.


Thank you, Amanda for such a terrific review. I wondered who you were talking about for a moment. I truly appreciate it.

lol...aww your such a sweetie Roger! and I was defiantly talking about you!...lol...your soooo welcome!

Great review again, Amanda! You are the Goddess of reviews, for sure.
I read this and you're so right. It's a nail-biting, on the edge of your seat read.

What a brilliant review of a fantastic book. Kongomato is not my type of thing at all, and yet I loved it. I read lots and lots of books and often forget the story as soon as I arrive at the end, but this one got right under my skin. It’s fabulously well-written and addictive!

Thank you so much Donna! I don't have any nails left after reading this book!...lol...and as a huge rock lover and collector I will be looking very carefully at them from now on!...lol

Thanks so much Barbara! its not usually my type of story either but when I was looking it over I was intrigued and when I was reading it, wow, blown away! Roger is a true genius!

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