22 Dec 2013

WW4BB Presents: Yule: A Celebration of Light and Warmth by Dorothy Morrison

Posted by Unknown on 7:57:00 am

There''s just something magical about the Yuletide season, no matter where you live or who you are. As bright candlelight mingles with the smells of pine and warm cookies and we perform our yearly rituals of song and family gatherings, the spirit of peace and goodwill seems to reach the heart of even the most cynical Scrooge. 

In the pages of Yule, Dorothy Morrison presents a wonderful potpourri of holiday lore from around the world and throughout history, along with fun crafts, delicious recipes—even a calendar of celebrations for every day in December. 

Learn where the traditions of the season originated—for instance, did you know that the ringing of bells was meant to drive away the demons who inhabited the darkest days of the year? That leaving cookies for Santa mirrors the old tradition of leaving a loaf of bread on the table overnight to bring prosperity in the new year? That the Yule log can be traced back to the ancient Greeks? 

Jam-packed with more than sixty spells, invocations, and rituals, Yule guides you through the magic of the season. Discover the origin of the eight tiny reindeer, brew some Yuletide coffee, and learn how to create your own holiday traditions and crafts based on celebrations from a variety of countries and beliefs.


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