19 Jan 2013

WW4BB Presents: Who Is Your Literary Bad Boy Boyfriend?

Posted by Amanda Masters on 1:45:00 pm

What is it about the bad boys in books? In Crash and Clash by Nicole Williams, Jude Ryder is the ultimate bad boy—a boy whose name is synonymous with trouble and who has a rap sheet that runs longer than a senior thesis. You know guys like Jude are dangerous, but you just can’t help being attracted to them. So what kind of bad boy from literature is your type? Take our quiz to find out!

I took this quiz myself and although I do not have a boyfriend I have a husband I thought it would be fun this is my results:

RESULT: Your literary bad boy boyfriend is HEATHCLIFF, the tortured soul from Wuthering Heights.Guys like Heathcliff are dark and twisty—he’s the one wearing all black sitting in the back of the classroom. But you can’t stop noticing his handsome good looks, even when he talks back to the teacher and refuses to do his homework. He had a rough childhood and was mistreated by his wealthy adoptive family, making him bitter and resentful. He longs to make his own way in the world and won’t accept anyone’s help, but you’re determined to be the girl who breaks through his wall. That is, if you can get him to stop sulking first. Read more about Crash and Clash by Nicole Williams.
I loved Wuthering Hights! it was a amazing book!


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