11 Jan 2013

WW4BB Presents: Breathless By Sophie Jordan Book 3.5 in the Firelight Series

Posted by Unknown on 12:01:00 pm

Breathless by Sophie Jordan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a amazing book I really liked getting to know Az, (Jacinda's best friend from the Firelight trilogy). Az didn't have a huge role in the other books but I quickly got the feeling that she might have an interesting story. I found her voice refreshingly real and honest. She was a little naive when it came to human interaction but her inner confidence held up ok. Az is very loyal to her parents and her pride, which also adds to her integrity.

This story deals with Az on vacation among humans! who we all know from reading the previous books that Az isn't too fond of ...lol....as she gives her friend a good deal of grief for falling for a human! She is there to learn to deal with humans before she has too live among them for a whole year.

Az being a water Draki spends lots of time in the water to blend in like most kids on vacation until a girl hits her head and almost drowns and Az rescues her and meets Tate a gorgeous human boy Az thinks she has no reason to talk to again but cant help herself from seeking out again and again.

This book was amazing! I really really enjoyed it. Sophie Jordan has a way of sucking you right into the story so that it is done before you even realized you started reading it and makes it so real that you are sure by the end that Draki do exist. I really hope she continues to write more in the series and i cant wait to see how the series is portrayed on film!

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This was a amazing book 

Sophie Jordan's breathtaking digital original novella set in the world of Firelight.

For Az, it's supposed to be a fun summer vacation with her family. Nothing complicated. Just a quick trip to test the waters as she prepares for a year on her own. That all changes when she rescues a drowning girl and meets Tate—the most gorgeous human boy she's ever seen. Tate throws her heart, her plans, and her life into upheaval, but the closer she gets to him, the harder it is to hide the secret of what she is. With no hope for a future together, the last thing that can ever happen . . . is love.

This stand-alone digital original is perfect for those new to the Firelight series as well as veteran fans.

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I haven't read this series yet, but it looks really good! I'm a new GFC follower:) Check out my blog at:

Thanks for the Follow Andrea and your blog is awesome I checked it out! this is really good and you should defiantly read it it's on of my favs I really like shifter books and what is better then dragon shifters!...lol

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