11 Jan 2013

WW4BB Presents: Which Werewolf Would You Share FULL MOON KISSES With?

Posted by Amanda Masters on 10:29:00 am

The Full Moon novels conclude with FULL MOON KISSES, the most dangerous and romantic book yet in this sumptuous trilogy. Throughout the series, Celeste must struggle with her love for Brandon, and he must struggle with his dual identity—part high school student, part werewolf. You won’t be able to resist the romance and the mysteries in this series!

ok I took this quiz I couldn't resist I had to see what i would get as I loved this series so much! here is my results!

You would share FULL MOON KISSES with Jacob Black from Twilight! While he’s not a traditional werewolf, since he can control his shapeshifting, he still has superhuman strength and the ability to stay constantly warm when he transforms into the wolf. Even though Bella continually shuns Jacob’s affection, his devotion remains strong. If you like Jacob, you’ll love Nash in the Full Moon novels…he won’t let anything get in the way of his love for Celeste

well I was surprised believe you me...lol.. I thought it was a quiz for just full moon kisses turns out all weres are in it! and well I am happy to get Jacob Black (yummy) Nash was definably not one of my fav characters from the books as I found his pursuit of Celeste whinny and irritable at times and I found his personality severely narcissistic.

but I seen from the comments that these are not the only weres you can get as some people have gotten Sam Roth form mercy falls and even Scott McCall from teen wolf so I can't wait to hear about your results! let me know!


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