5 Jan 2013

WW4BB Presents: My Son Tristan turns 14!

Posted by Unknown on 9:01:00 pm

my son Tristan turned 14 today. I can't believe he has gotten so big already it seems like only yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital.

Tristan was born with a double cleft lip and cleft palate. Which means that the roof of his mouth and lips did not come together properly during the time he was in the womb as it should have. Doctors believe its genetic, and in our case is as we have cleft lip in the family line and are Native American, but sometimes this isn't the case with other babies and this baffles Doctors. It is also carried in the male gene so in every 5 babies born with the cleft palate only one is a girl. Tristan has spent his entire life in and out of Cheo where his wonderful doctors have put him back together beautifully.

Tristan was Three months old in this pic below it was just before his first surgery.

here below is Tristan with his surgeon Dr. Benoit. the best doc EVER! he is the one who put our Tristan back together!

Here below is Tristan with his worker Sue Hunt from Cheo. She makes sure we have all our appointments right and are there when we need to be. I don`t know what we ever would have done with out her!

Here below is Tristan just after one of his surgeries

Here below is Tristan just after one of his more recent surgeries

And this below is Tristan today at 14! he has been through over 100 surgeries since he was 3 months old and he has many more to go but he is the bravest and most wonderful boy ever!

to learn more about cleft lip and palate visit kids health  or if you would like to donate to kids in need of surgery like Tristan visit wide similes foundation today!


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