18 Oct 2013

WW4BB & BBT Present: A Spotlight, Interview & Review on Hell's Belle by Karen Greco

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Hell's Belle
Karen Greco

Genre: Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 1484830202
Number of pages: 238
Word Count: 74,722

Book Description

Half-vampire, half-human, Nina Martinez spent most of her life underground as part of an elite secret team of government agents who quietly take down rogue monsters -- the human world none the wiser.

She moves back to her hometown of Providence, RI to keep an eye on the recent uptick in supernatural activity, and to help run the bar she co-owns with her aunt. Her attempt at a “regular” life, not to mention a budding relationship with smoking hot FBI agent Max, is cut short because of a string of ritual murders targeting the city's community of witches.

But Nina's investigation unearths deadly secrets from her long buried parents. Now the target of supernatural assassins, could Nina be the most dangerous vampire hybrid to ever exist? No wonder she can’t get a date.

An urban fantasy set in a decaying Providence, Rhode Island, HELL'S BELLE is a fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled roller-coaster ride through a city on the cusp of becoming an urban wasteland. An energetic, expansive, and cinematic, 

HELL'S BELLE was called "captivating" by Kirkus Reviews.

Book Chick City gave it 5-stars, calling it "one of the best urban fantasies I have read this year!"

The Interview

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you delve into the world of fiction?

I was a playwright in high school and college, thinking that was going to be a career goal (cue laugh track). When I got out of school, I moved to NY and ended up working in entertainment PR, doing a lot of theater. Needless to say, I was freaked out by that career path, so I just focused on my day job, thinking it would fulfill me as much as the writing. And to a certain extent it does, but I missed it. I have been going PR for like 20 years, and I missed writing, but I did not miss writing for theater. So, I tried my hand at fiction. Honestly, if I had really thought about it, I probably never  would have done it. 

Q: Can you please tell us a little about your book Hells Belle and what inspired you write it?

Hell's Belle is about 1/2 vampire, 1/2 human Nina Martinez, who works for a secret government agent that quietly takes out violent paranormal creatures , so the human world won't learn of their existence. I was really inspired by a bunch of things--but mainly location. It's set in Providence, RI, which is a really neat little city with loads of history.  

Q: We all know writing isn't easy. Can you tell us all what you love and hate most about being an author?

The thing I love the most is also what I hate the most--the solitude. I love being alone with my characters and my world, but then part of me really misses the water-cooler conversation, the back and forth, the exchange of ideas.

Q: Can you tell us about your writing process? Do you dream up these characters and then build the journey, or rather, do you dream the journey as you create?  

I do it both. I start with a few characters and build a journey, then layer in more depending on where the story goes. I do work from an outline, but sometimes I go way way off in a totally different direction. 

Q: How did you come up with the name Hells Belle?

When I wrote plays, most of my titles played off of song titles, so I am doing that again here. (Hell's Bells by AC/DC). Also, there's a demon that likes her.

Q: If you could be one of the characters in your book which one would you choose?

That's a tough one. Obviously, it would be crazy fun to be Nina because she just kicks ass. But I love Babe, she's smart and sassy. And I would not mind being in Frankie's head for a few days. He's a kick.

Q: if you could have any supernatural power what would it be?

This is always the hardest question for me to answer! I don't know. I guess I would love to have crazy strength and be an amazing, unbeatable fighter. I would definitely not want immortality, but my vanity wouldn't mind halting the ageing process!

Q: What scares you?

Human cruelty. As amazing and wonderful as humans are (and have the capacity to be), we are also so awful to each other, to the environment, to other creatures.

Q: How many in the series do you plan to write? and When can we expect the next book?

I am not sure. Right now I have five books sort of mapped out in my head, but they could expand. Or it could be only three. It depends on my readers, if they continue to love the characters and the story. I don't want to drag out a series if the readers are kind of meh about it, especially sine so many who stick with a series read are really loyal to it. As a writer, I want to make sure I honor that. As for the next book… I admit it, I am behind! My day job has been killer for the past several months, cutting into my writing time. I am hoping by next fall. Fingers crossed. 

Q: Thank you so much for the interview,  Karen. Would you like to tell my readers where they can find you on the web? 

Thanks so much for having me! 
I am horrible about keeping up with my blog but I have one:
But I am pretty active on Facebook:
And I have been known to tweet from time to time:
And I am on Goodreads

My Review

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Awesome Story! I really enjoyed this book. I thought the characters were unique and the story one of a kind. There were a lot of different elements in this story that were unique and I really liked that it wasn't your usually run of the mill vampire story, at the same time there was still a lot of kicking ass, which is always good.

the story centers around Nina a undercover DOD Blood OPS Agent who is just looking to relax and have a little down time in her home town, when someone starts killing witches. Nina who is half Vampire and half witch can't let something like this go in her town especially when FBI Agent Max keeps getting her involved.

Its time to bring in her team and catch this person before more witches get hurt. But what if it is Nina who is the next target? if she is she sure as hell going to find out why and what all the secrets are about. There has never been another like her and she needs to find out more about what and who she is. Can this person tell her? She is going to find out or die trying.

I really loved all the characters in this story but my favourites were Frankie and Babe. I really loved Frankie he was witty and charming and you could tell he was jealous of Max. Babe was the best! she is a kick ass Auntie and one I would want on my side The care and love she gave Nina was more then felt and she could still kick ass!

I think Karen did a wonderful job on this book the bad guys were intense and scary and the good guys totally original and kick ass. I fully recommend this book to one and all!

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About the Author

An award-winning playwright, Karen Greco has spent close to twenty years in New York City, working in publicity and marketing for the entertainment industry.

A life-long obsession with exorcists and Dracula drew her to urban fantasy, where she can decapitate characters with impunity. HELL'S BELLE is her first novel.

The Giveaway

10 Ebook copies of Hell’s Belle By Karen Greco- either mobi or ePub, winners choice 


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