13 Feb 2016

WW4BB Presents: A Author Spotlight Weekend with Kimberly Loth author of Obsidian!

Posted by Amanda Masters on 7:59:00 am


Aspen Winters’s whole world is about to change . . .

Seventeen year old Aspen is a skydiving, rock climbing, adrenaline junky who is fascinated by the dragons living in Yellowstone Park. And no human had ever gotten close enough to even touch one, let alone study them.
For her, the dragons are a way to escape a painful past and avoid getting too close to anyone. But after meeting the hot new guy at school, Obsidian “Sid” King, Aspen feels strangely drawn to the mysterious boy, even though she doesn’t trust him. Yet he’s the one person that shares her obsession with all things dragon.

Not only is Sid not human, he’s a seriously hot dragon in human form. But not just any dragon—he’s destined to become the next king. Yet when Aspen stumbles into his life, he finds himself tempted to break all the rules just to be with her.

While most people fear and avoid the national parks because of the resident dragons, Aspen spends most of her free time searching for them and getting the rare photo. But when people start dying in the park, every one suspects the dragons. Now the life of every dragon in existence is threatened unless Aspen can prove their innocence.

As the Sid and Aspen uncover a sinister plot to destroy the tenacious peace between humans and dragons, it becomes increasingly difficult for Sid to ignore his feelings for Aspen … even if it means forsaking not only his crown, but also his life.

Read the first three chapters HERE


This book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest Review.

I loved loved loved this story! Kimberly is one of my all time fav writers! she never disappoints with a wonderful plot and amazing characters! I couldn't get enough of Aspen whose quirky, and unusual ways get her in trouble more times then not, and who never has a nice thing to say to poor Sid who only wants her to love him.

The Dragons are defiantly the highlight of the book and are majestic and wonderful and oops, eating people? that can't be right! cause they are so cuddly and cute when they aren't shooting fire at you or flashing their razor sharp teeth right? well Aspen is convinced it is and is dragging Sid along for the ride as he is the only one to believe her and the only one other then her to have seen a dragon up close or so he says.

I loved the twists and turns the book dished out, it defiantly had some heart rending parts as well as some parts you didn't see coming and the incredible ending! I can't wait to find out what happens next! make sure you don't miss out on it either! go out and get your copy now!

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We are giving away a box set of the Thorn Chronicles by Kimberly Loth!

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More great things all Kimberly Loth all coming up Tomorrow!


Thank you for the preview. Sounds like a great book with dragon shifters.

This ia awesome! Wonderful review!!!

thanks! I am so glad you liked the review!

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