8 Aug 2013

WW4BB Presents: A Review of Raven by S.R. Howen

Posted by wiccawitch4 on 8:33:00 pm

Raven by S.R. Howen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG! This book is unbelievable! I loved every minute and every second reading it! these books are my all time favourites of 2013 ao far!!! S.R. Howen is a genius!this book is so intricate and full of detail and colour you feel a part of the action right from the start.

Shannon Running Deer left his world behind for love and a better future for his people, and after battling the ancient evil known as Dancing Elk life has been peaceful and plentiful. With his wife Morning Dove about to give birth, a great and new threat looms on the horizon. Running Deer Seeks out a vision from the spirits for guidance only to find himself travelling to a different time again.

Raven is the daughter of Morning Dove and Running Deer. Only she isn't any daughter Running Deer ever dreamed of. For her world is harsh and cruel and she had to grown up hard. Raven is a very very angry woman and she doesn't like Running Deer very much either. What could he have ever done to earn her hatred? Before he can find out all the details he is sucked back only to find Raven by his side!

Meanwhile the threat on the horizon has gotten worse it seems the ancient evil has been awoken again and this time by a white man! how did he come to posses such power? and how will they stop such evil centuries before white men come to this place?

Running Deer the Great Chief of All Time must figure out a way before the whole future of the world is broken.

I can't tell you how much I loved this book! if I could give it a hundred million stars I would because it would be deserve it! I loved every single character! there was a lot of death and pain in this book and my heart broke each and every time for the warriors and their wives. Sees Shadows and Walks Heavy are both great men and great friends to Running Deer.

I forgot to touch on the subject of Honey Woman in my last review and in this book we have Rock thrower as well. I think this is an incredibly Amazing addition to the story! the duality of the two spirit. Honey woman who is Sees Shadows wife is what the natives call a two spirit she is a woman spirit in the body of a man. Rock Thrower is a two spirit as well and is a man spirit in the body of a female. They perform the duties their spirit guides them but their outer bodies are different. it doesn't necessarily make then gay , like Sees Shadows and Honey Woman who are both men, but it makes them different and makes them able to perform tasks that they wouldn't be able to do otherwise, like Rock thrower wouldn't be a warrior unless she was a two spirit and Honey woman who does the task of the women which he wouldn't do unless he was a two spirit.

The bad guys were incredibly difficult in this one and amazingly scary! I sometimes wish we could go back to the much simpler times of peace and nature but after reading these I will have nightmares!...lol...I know these books are a work of fiction but the people suffered these things the smallpox, the solders, the rape, the hunger and death. I would not want to live through that.

I totally loved the book! it was full of action and brilliance! the people full of heart and passion! in a time filled with history and ancient power! It really is the BEST SERIES EVER!
So make sure you get your copy of the medicine man series today!

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It is strictly believed and understood that a child is the greatest gift from Wakan Tanka, the Great Mystery, in response to many devout prayers, sacrifices, and promises. Therefore the child is considered "sent by Wakan Tanka," through some element----namely the element of human nature.

Robert Higheagle
Tenton Sioux

Shannon Running Deer left the present behind to live 2000 years in the past. He's accepted his role in 33BC as The Chief of All Time. But life in the past is not as easy as he would like it to be. His wife, Morning Dove, is ready to deliver his child, and the spirits have shown him that all is not right with the coming birth.

So many years in the past, his people should be safe from the ravages of the Europeans. But when time's fickle finger pulls him into her web once again, he comes face to face with a person who shouldn't be on the North American continent for several more centuries.

Pursued by an ancient evil, and confronted with things that don't match the history he knew, his mission to change the past, to save the future, may have already failed . . 


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