6 Aug 2013

A WW4BB Amazon Review: Last Blood By Kristen Painter

Posted by wiccawitch4 on 9:18:00 pm

5.0 out of 5 stars BEST SERIES EVER!July 30, 2013
This review is from: Last Blood (House of Comarré) (Kindle Edition)
Wow! I just finished reading this and I am practically speechless! this book was so amazing it is hard to put it into words! I read it as slow as I could to savoir each word as I knew this was the last book and I didn't want it to be over but now that it is I am filled with contentment. Kristen did an amazing job at tying the series off there were no lose ends and it all ended beautifully and with a bang!..lol

In this book we pick up where we left off with Chrysabelle and Mal at odds. Chrysabelle must save or kill the man she loves to protect that which is even more important to her, a secret that not even Mal is aware of. She will do what she must to save him but if she can't she must kill him.

Meanwhile the ancients now need Tatiana help for the child they stole from her is now reeking havoc on them and must be stopped. Tatiana enlists the help of Mal with the child Lilith who isn't at all what she once was. Together they embark on a perilous mission.

With all hanging in the balance who will survive, who will die and will everyone stay on the same side? Who will be the one to draw Last Blood?

I loved this book! I couldn't put it down! I tried my hardest to read it slowly but it was sooo hard!..lol...Fi was my favourite in this one, she always makes me laugh and in this one was no exception

Like: "sounds awesomely not awesome. Only fae would name a bar after a fairy tale. What is it, one giant tea party?"

lol...she cracks me up! I really liked that we got to see more of her strong, independent and tender sides in this book as well.

Creek also had a few choice lines in this one that made me laugh out loud.

Like: "Somebody better start explaining or its going to get dusty in here."

lol...when he said that I couldn't help but laugh!

Kristen is a full on genius when it comes to writing and I am blessed to call her a friend and to be a part of her amazing Street team! Her work is an inspiration and I can't wait to read her next book! if you haven't gotten your copy of Last Blood make sure to order yours now!

Book Description

 July 30, 2013
In the final showdown between the forces of dark and light, Mal and Chrysabelle face not only Tatiana, but the ancient evil that now controls her: the Castus Sanguis. Chrysabelle gathers her friends and family around her, forming a plan to bring an end to the chaos surrounding them. But the Castus is the most powerful being they've ever come up against. Defeating such evil will require a great sacrifice from someone on the side of light.

One of them will change sides. One of them will die. No one will survive unscathed. Can Chrysabelle save those she cares about or will that love get her killed? What price is she willing to pay to draw last blood?


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