23 Sep 2014

WW4BB Presents: A Review of Darkly Dreaming by Danielle Monsch, Elizabeth Hunter, Grace Draven, Kristen Painter, Cate Rowan

Posted by Amanda Masters on 10:52:00 pm

Fall into magic and fall in love with DARKLY DREAMING, a five book fantasy romance collection from award-winning and bestselling writers Elizabeth Hunter, Grace Draven, Danielle Monsch, Kristen Painter, and Cate Rowan.

Feared by a priesthood. Coveted by a god. Tempted by a slave. In Grace Draven's MASTER OF CROWS, a renegade mage must battle a god for his soul and decide if his fate—and the fate of nations—is worth the life of the spy he has come to love.

Experience sword, sorcery, and mythical beings as never before in STONE GUARDIAN, the first book of the Entwined Realms by Danielle Monsch. Larissa's sheltered world is destroyed when she is targeted by Necromancers. With nowhere else to turn, Larissa forms an uneasy alliance with Terak, leader of the Gargoyles. Will Terak be Larissa's salvation, or her downfall?

Sometimes love is the most dangerous magic of all. In HEART OF FIRE by Kristen Painter, Jessalyne leaves a sheltered life to tame her dangerous magic by becoming apprentice to a powerful sorceress, but she’ll need the deadliest man in the realm to get her there safely. If they don’t kill each other first.

Be swept away in KISMET'S KISS by Cate Rowan. In the desert realm of Kad, a deadly epidemic strikes the palace of Sultan Kuramos. Only a mystical healer from an enemy land may have the skill to save his household. But he never imagined that healer would be a woman.

Hidden at the crossroads of the world, an ancient race battles to protect humanity, even as it dies from within. Ava comes to modern day Istanbul in THE SCRIBE, the first book in the Irin Chronicles by Elizabeth Hunter. One woman searching for answers finds a reluctant guardian in a warrior whose magic is written on his skin. But does Ava have magic of her own?

DARKLY DREAMING is an anthology of five full-length novels of fantasy romance, written for adult readers.

My Review

Darkly Dreaming by Danielle Monsch
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amazing collection of stories! I couldn't put it down! great collection of authors! I loved the mix of talents and different styles of writing, all were bloody brilliant and all made me want more and more!

MASTER OF CROWS - it took a bit for me to get into but I was very soon so captivated by the story that the characters felt like real people to me. I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next or what was going to befall the poor Martise as life just didn't seem to ever go her way.

STONE GUARDIAN - I LOVED this story! it was so unique and the characters so diverse. there are not a lot of gargoyle stories out there and they have always fascinated me. This was defiantly one of my favourites of the collection!

HEART OF FIRE - Kristen Painter is brilliant as always in this one I completely love her writing! The magic, the suspense and the romance were all so pulled together in a brilliant twist of dark and dangerous love concurs all tale. defiantly another favourite of mine of the collection.

KISMET'S KISS - Like Master of Crows I had a hard time getting into this one at first. the romance of a woman to a man who already has six wives threw me a bit, however the book was very well written an a lot of that really falls to the wayside as you really get into the book and the characters.

THE SCRIBE - The imagery and emotion in this was amazing. Elizabeth Hunter is incredible at making you feel as if your right there feeling and living within the world of her characters. I had an incredible time in her world and I didn't ever want to leave.

all in all this book should get a 10 out of 10 as it was AMAZING! Incredible authors with Incredible stories! don't miss out on these and get your copy today!

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